Reporter: JIA Zhou

Finance is at the heart of the modern economy and the key engine for a country’s economic development. In recent years, China’s economy has always maintained a rapid and high-quality development trend, and the financial industry has recovered from the epidemic and shown great vitality. The core element for China’s financial industry to sustain high growth is financial talent first. The Chinese financial industry is home to the world’s best financial analysts, investment professionals, bankers and other outstanding talents with strong professional skills and market knowledge. They make full use of their financial knowledge and world-class professional talents to support the development of quality Chinese finance and promote the sustainable and healthy development of China’s economy. DING Guisheng, an outstanding expert in the field of securities investment analysis in the financial industry, is one of the best.

A graduate of Wollongong University in Australia, DING Guisheng, who holds a dual bachelor’s degree in accounting and international trade and a master’s degree in finance, has unique views of the Chinese financial analysis market. With the exploration of the financial circle and the mainstream of modern economy and society, Mr. DING expressed his own opinions and feelings: “With the continuous development of 5G and artificial intelligence, the digital transformation, upgrading and development of the financial industry are acceleration. One of the core topics of financial analysis is risk management. Good control of investment risks will pave the way for financial services into the real industry and further promote the development of the real economy.

DING Guisheng has been committed to exploring financial analysis through innovative science and technology. The Investment Risk Prediction System Based on Random Forest and LSTM Model V1.0 is an important research achievement of DING Guisheng in recent years. The system forecasts the risk of investors’ portfolios and assesses the future risk of the portfolios. The investment portfolios with high returns and low risk are determined according to the random forest model and the LSTM model. It solves the problems of large discrepancy between existing financial product and investment decisions, low reasonable reliability of investment portfolios, and low accuracy and reliability of investment portfolio forecasting. Since its appearance, the system has been widely used in the market and has brought good economic and social benefits. The famous company in the industry, Chengde Hongyou Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., acquired the right to use the Investment Risk Prediction System based on Random Forest and LSTM Model V1.0. After applying the system to its business, Hongyou Investment Consulting has increased the accuracy of investment risk prediction for clients from the previous 50% to 67%, making investment risk prediction an important core competency of Hongyou Investment Consulting. The system has not only significantly improved profitability, but has also enormously increased its reputation in the industry.

With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the changing market demand, DING Guisheng is always on the path of technological innovation. The enterprise management evaluation system based on the IPO application of listed companies V1.0 is another technological excellence of Mr. DING Guisheng. The system uses the indicator ranking method, the weighted evaluation method and the effectiveness coefficient method, factor analysis, etc. Based on these evaluation index methods, the company can effectively eliminate the impact of irrelevant indicators and reduce information redundancy, ensuring simplicity of the evaluation methods and Objectivity of the assessment results. The launch of this system not only provides secure and reliable business valuation services for the majority of IPO applicants, but also provides direction and guidance for companies’ IPO application behavior. Especially after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the system cannot easily be manipulated by operators, taking into account the cost of equity. And it can accurately reflect the operating performance of listed companies, adapt to the needs of the new economic environment, etc., and help many IPO applicants to evaluate their operating conditions and successfully go public, which is a great support for domestic recovery economy in the post-epidemic period.

The financial industry needs high-end talent for design at the highest level. The domestic financial market has rich theoretical development, but it is very rare for top-level designers to really put theory into practice. As an elite leader in the financial analysis of China’s securities market, Mr. DING relies on his strong industry research, analysis and judgment skills, good organization, leadership, coordination and communication skills, and rich work experience to promote the development of China’s financial industry. Guisheng has become one of the most influential top designers in the Chinese financial industry. With many outstanding inventions, DING Guisheng won the 2021 Outstanding Inventions in Science and Technology Innovation in the Financial Analysis Industry and the Pioneers of Science and Technology Innovation in Financial Analysis Industry in the “14 is undoubtedly the best praise for its outstanding contribution to the industry.

Over the years, Mr. DING Guisheng has not only rendered excellent services to listed companies, but his professional talents have also been highly recognized by many investors. He had helped many listed companies achieve their expected funding goals, revitalize corporate assets and promote their development, made a profound impact on the industry, and contributed to the healthy development of China’s financial industry. In this regard, DING Guisheng said, “The recognition of my peers makes me even more confident in my direction. Going forward, I will continue to make outstanding contributions to the innovation and advancement of the financial analytics industry, corporate development and sustainable growth.”

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