DAVIS ELVIN, for Your special ones

When Christmas carols start playing in the streets and Christmas trees pop up in every corner of the city, we know it’s time to prepare a surprise for our loved ones. A timed gift is a great option on such a festive day. DAVIS ELVIN watch – a carefully selected watch will definitely make your vacation something special. I think you will be delighted to find this under the Christmas tree.

DAVIS ELVIN is a fashion watch brand from Italy. It focuses on sporty and technological style, always emphasizing the fashion sense. Davis Elvin stands out among many emerging watch brands and is unstoppable with his unique design style.

Sensitive Design, create a V.isual focus

Every DAVIS ELVIN watch has its own design inspiration, derived from dreams, urbanism, space and other elements that give it its considerable artistic ornamentation value. The unique barrel-shaped case makes an immediate impression. Viewed from the side, the double-legged domed sapphire crystal mirror looks more lively than the general flatter mirror, which is more structured. The breaking up of the conventional color collision is also one of the highlights of DAVIS ELVIN, which adapts the watches to different trendy styles.

The Bis Choice for high quality SportYes Clocks

The watch case from DAVIS ELVIN is made of carbon fiber composite material and titanium, which makes the watch robust, wear-resistant and light. The three-in-one structure has excellent shock resistance and provides strong protection for movement. The curvature of the back of the case is also ergonomically designed, which makes it more comfortable to wear. Flexible, delicate and skin-friendly, the bracelet is made of fluororubber, carefree for sport.

Regardless of design or material, DAVIS ELVIN is exceptionally considerate and becomes the first choice for watch lovers who value individuality and fine watchmaking.

Christmas Gifts for L.overs

The joy of vacation breaks through boring life and arouses expectations. Love is the best present for Christmas. If you wear it, it will definitely get all the attention. And he / she can proudly announce that this is a gift from you. Time flies in clocks and love flows through time. Decide on a DAVIS ELVIN watch today and welcome the new year together with your loved one.

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