The purpose of education is to fit us for life in a civilized community, and it seems to follow from the subjects we study that the two most important things in civilized life are Art and Science, and the development of education also requires the unremitting exploration and Efforts of many industry leaders, and DENG Maojin, an expert in China’s Smart Education, is such a respectable industry leader. DENG Maojin has been engaged in education for more than ten years, in her long education career, she not only teaching refined theoretical knowledge, but also insisted on innovation, committed to creating cutting-edge intelligent education technology, significantly improved teaching efficiency and education management level, and brought new atmosphere and new development to the education industry.

DENG Maojin continues to explore new directions in education, she is inspired by quantum mechanics, combines quantum mechanics with education, and focuses on “Quantum Education”, through which DENG Maojin discovers and creates a larger and stronger energy education model. Quantum Education is to apply quantum theory to the concept of education, through appropriate Quantum Education to allow the educated to obtain greater positive energy, constantly break through the self from the inside, create and improve to achieve the quantum leap of the individual, so as to achieve the maximum value of the individual, make greater contributions to the society, and then realize the overall leap of the country, so that the country becomes a power of continuous innovation.

DENG Maojin said: “In China’s education practice, how to build a self-development organizational system in a complex and uncertain environment, so as to create high-quality education? We should use holistic, open, pluralistic, dynamic and other thinking to understand and grasp problems, so as to solve problems in multiple ways, and the quantum thinking mode provided by quantum physics for us is a new way of thinking that adapts to the new characteristics of the development of contemporary information society, and provides many enlightenments for educational management activities.”

In the face of today’s complex educational environment and high requirements and expectations for educational development, quantum thinking can indeed give us many inspirations, as Dana Zhohar pointed out, quantum thinking changes the way systems operate, creates new paradigms, sweeps away old ideas, and allows new ideas to germinate. Therefore, DENG Maojin advocated that what educators should do is to understand changes, change thinking, actively practice, achieve “Quantum Management”, and bring education development to a new level.

The shadow of “Quantum Education” can also be seen in the educational philosophy that DENG Maojin has always adhered to, and she pays attention to the development of individual students and constantly updates the form of education combined with quantum thinking. DENG Maojin pays attention to changing students’ own independent learning ability and learning methods, and rejects empty preaching, so she has always been committed to improving the teaching and management of preschool education, and strives to solve many pain points and difficulties in the current education fields. In the past few years, she has in-depth understanding of the educational needs of students, teachers, schools, etc., and innovatively developed high-quality guidance programs and solutions according to the needs of all parties, breaking the inherent linear learning characteristics of the traditional education system and building a multi-dimensional knowledge point association system, which is not only more suitable for the individual situation of different students, reduces the burden on students, but also realizes the individualization and pertinence of education, improves teaching effect and efficiency, and makes important contributions to promoting the intelligent and innovative development of the education industry.

While continuously studying advanced educational theories and expanding teaching thinking, DENG Maojin also deeply cultivated the field of Smart Education technology research and development, integrated big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies of information science into the innovation of the education industry, and developed a series of breakthrough and subversive teaching systems, which played an important role in improving the level of information teaching technology, reducing teaching burden, improving teaching quality and promoting students’ learning efficiency. Up to now, a series of Smart Education systems developed by DENG Maojin have been unanimously recognized by industry experts and scholars, and have achieved excellent application results in the industry, and the new teaching mode and upgraded Smart Education system characterized by “independence, inquiry and cooperation” not only meet the needs of personalized teaching and learning of teachers and students, but also widely praised by students, teachers and other users, but also bring considerable economic benefits and good brand reputation to Golden Baby Education, and the company’s industry popularity and influence have steadily improved. At present, it has developed into a leading private educational institution in the country.

At the end of the interview, DENG Maojin proudly said: “My speech can be said to be unorthodox to say the least, and my method is questionable at best. However, the real purpose of education is to stimulate creativity and passion in the student body. In this regard, I definitely succeeded. This board does not reject innovation, but it must be carefully observed. In the future, I will continue to strive to deepen the field of intelligent education to a deeper and broader dimension, infiltrate ‘Quantum Management’ into educational practice, and create new achievements in intelligent education.”


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