NORTH Essex politicians and residents have reacted to Liz Truss winning the race to become Britain’s new Prime Minister and the leader of the Conservative Party.

The former Foreign Secretary was announced as the victor of the Tory leadership contest yesterday at the QEII Conference Center after securing 81,326 votes.

Her challenger, Rishi Sunak, fell short despite winning over 60,399 Conservative Party members following Boris Johnson’s decision to resign back in July.

Mrs Truss is expected to be officially unveiled as the country’s new Prime Minister today, making her the third woman in history to hold the biggest job in UK politics.

Since her victory, MPs and residents alike from across the county have moved to have their say on the appointment.

Colchester MP Will Quince who had favored Rishi Sunak for the top job, said: “Many congratulations to Liz Truss on her election as leader of The Conservative Party.

“With the contest over, now is the time to unite behind our new leader and with a laser like focus continue our work delivering for the British people.”

Braintree MP and Education Secretary James Cleverly is delighted with the result but has refused to speculate on how his new boss might tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

He added: “I think this is incredibly good news – really good news.

“She absolutely understands the pressure a lot of people are feeling, and she will of course respond to that.

“She also recognizes what the international drivers are and she’s going to address those things – [but] she’s only just been announced as the leader of the party.”

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Some Gazette readers, however, are not quite so positive and upbeat about Mrs Truss becoming the next Prime Minister.

Wayne Tearle said: “Nothing will change – the rich and poor divide will get bigger and I can see the country getting into a depression. We will fall behind our neighbours.”

Susie Carle, on the other hand, believes the incoming leader needs to be given a chance.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

She said: “Let’s just see what she can do first before we all start moaning – everyone is so doom and gloom constantly now a days.

“I get the Government has made you feel like that but everyone wanted change and now we have change.”

Giles Watling, Priti Patel and Sir Bernard Jenkin were contacted for comment but did not respond before going to print.

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