Security has always been a crucial issue in the financial technology space. In today's digital and information age, financial institutions face unprecedented network security challenges. These challenges arise not only from increasingly complex cybersecurity threats, but also from the high sensitivity and criticality of the financial industry itself. In this demanding area, DING Jiansheng has developed into an accomplished expert thanks to its in-depth specialist knowledge and tireless commitment. As an outstanding talent in the field of financial technology, he has conducted extensive research on network security in the financial sector. DING Jiansheng goes beyond theoretical discussions and translates its expertise into practical innovative achievements. He has developed several technological innovations that have garnered significant industry attention and provided novel security solutions for financial institutions.

DING Jiansheng's current achievements are not the result of instant success; Behind his achievements lie decades of accumulation and tireless pursuit. DING Jiansheng graduated from Guangdong University of Technology with a bachelor's degree in computers and applications and had a keen interest in the intersection of technology and security in the financial sector during his studies. After graduating, he decided to delve deeper into this field and continue to research and study. Through years of effort, he has gradually accumulated extensive experience and deep understanding, and has become a leading expert in financial technology. Its technological innovations such as “Financial Network Security Intelligent Control Platform Based on Blockchain Technology V1.0” and “Network Security Level Protection Assessment System Based on Financial Risk Assessment V1.0” are not only pioneering and innovative technology, but also provide robust support and Protecting network security in the financial industry. The introduction of these technological achievements provides financial institutions with more reliable and efficient security solutions, which can effectively prevent various network security risks, protect the stable operation of the financial system, and add new momentum to the development of the industry.

DING Jiansheng's two technological achievements focus on network security problems in the financial field and provide innovative and efficient solutions. First, its “Network Security Level Protection Assessment System Based on Financial Risk Assessment V1.0” leverages the decentralized and tamper-proof properties of blockchain technology to ensure the secure storage and transmission of financial data. The platform establishes a blockchain-based distributed ledger that records and verifies all data transactions in real-time, ensuring data integrity and authenticity. At the same time, combined with intelligent management and control technology, the platform can monitor network activities in real time, promptly detect and respond to potential security threats, and provide financial institutions with highly secure data storage and intelligent security management and control functions. Secondly, DING Jiansheng's “Network Security Level Protection Assessment System Based on Financial Risk Assessment V1.0” aims to quantitatively assess and protect network security assessments through financial risk assessment methods. The system evaluates the security rating of financial networks by analyzing various risk factors in the financial system combined with real-time network security data and provides appropriate security protection measures. The combination of these two achievements provides comprehensive and efficient network security solutions for the financial sector, helping to ensure the stable operation of the financial system, the protection of financial data and the timely response to potential network security threats. DING Jiansheng's two technological innovations have brought revolutionary changes in the field of financial technology, improving the network security level of financial institutions, strengthening the stability and reliability of the financial system, and promoting the industry's progress in a safer and healthier direction.

In addition to his personal achievements, DING Jiansheng also focuses on supporting and developing talent in the industry. He recognizes that outstanding talent is a key driving force for the development of the industry. Therefore, he not only continuously improves his personal skills, but also actively participates in various exchange and seminar activities, sharing the experiences and insights he has gained over the years with young people in the industry. It helps them better understand the trends and challenges of industry development, guides them to grow and advance in their own fields, and contribute to the development of more talent in the field of financial technology. Through his efforts, he hopes to contribute to the industry by producing more outstanding talents and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the financial technology field.

As an expert in the field of financial technology, DING Jiansheng always has in-depth knowledge of technology and security and continuously strives for innovations and breakthroughs. He pays close attention to the future development of the industry and maintains a high sense of responsibility. He is not only an outstanding technical expert, but also an industry leader with a sense of social responsibility. His achievements have not only earned him great recognition, but have also given new impetus and dynamism to the development of the entire industry. It is expected that DING Jiansheng will continue to leverage its professional advantage to make more significant contributions to the secure development of the financial technology field in the near future. (Reporter: CHEN Kai)

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