Reporter: ZHOU Yunqing

The development and application of modern biotechnology provides new diagnostic and detection technologies for the development of the medical and health field. WANG Jing, an outstanding biotechnologist from China, is a representative of this wave of development. She fully understands the importance of modern technology in the development of biotechnology. She precisely integrates modern biotechnology with modern scientific and technological means, developed a series of scientific and technological achievements for the analysis, prevention and detection of diseases, and made important contributions to the scientific development of the world biotechnology field.

As high-tech, modern biotechnology is inextricably linked to the medical field. On the one hand, the development of modern biotechnology can drive the revolutionary transformation of fundamental medical disciplines. On the other hand, it can open up new development space for the pharmaceutical industry. Biotechnology plays a key role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases affecting human health, such as tumor diagnosis and treatment, diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and treatment of autoimmune diseases. At the same time, with the advancement of technology, biotechnology extracts active ingredients and studies various types of drugs such as antibiotics, bacterial drugs and enzyme preparations, and carries out gene therapy, disease prevention and treatment, etc. This has been shown. The resulting biopharmaceutical industry is the largest field of application of modern biotechnology to date.

As a senior expert in the field of biotechnology, WANG Jing has in-depth theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. In the past ten years, she has led and participated in a number of important scientific research projects, including “Study on Molecular DNA Identification Method of Donkey Skin Gelatin and Its Adulterants”, the National Drug Sampling Project of Huoxiang Qushu Soft Capsules and the National Drug Sampling Project of Ginseng Zaizao Pills, etc. At the same time, she integrates modern digital technology into the scientific and technological innovation work in the field of biotechnology, and has developed a series of advanced intelligent biotechnology achievements. including a biomedical product evaluation system based on artificial intelligence, an intelligent HPLC detection system for finished reagents of traditional Chinese medicine based on big data mining, a disease prediction system using genetic detection based on spatial separability, and a metagenomic data analysis system for identifying drug resistance genes and drug resistance gene mutation sites, etc. At present, these technical achievements have been widely used in many fields of medicine, playing an important role in medical testing, disease prevention, pharmacological analysis, etc., and providing reliable technical support for medical testing institutes and pharmaceutical production enterprises, hospitals, etc.

With the development of genetic technology, genetic testing has now become an important means of medical testing, and its importance is also increasing. Genetic testing can be used not only to diagnose disease but also to predict disease risk. At present, it is widely used to detect neonatal hereditary diseases, diagnose genetic diseases and predict certain common diseases. There are more than 1,000 types of inherited diseases that can be diagnosed using genetic testing. WANG Jing has conducted in-depth research on genetic testing technology and achieved fruitful achievements, including the “Disease Prediction System Using Genetic Detection Based on Spatial Separability.” This system mainly exploits the different degree of dispersion of genes in different diseases, and predicts the risk of different diseases based on the discrete values ​​of significant genes from genetic testing, and then takes effective prevention and treatment methods in advance. The system can predict susceptibility to tumors and various polygenic genetic diseases and provide targeted clinical treatment guidelines, which effectively promotes the development of precision medicine and has important industrial and societal value. At the same time, the system relies on the significant gene extraction method, which is based on spatial separability and takes into account the computational cost and accuracy. Although both are fully guaranteed, the number of genes to be detected and the cost of genetic testing are significantly reduced. It not only promotes the development and popularization of genetic testing to a certain extent, but also greatly reduces the work pressure of doctors and improves work efficiency.

A series of innovative scientific research achievements developed by WANG Jing, including this technical achievement, due to its advanced nature and practicality, have attracted many medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies in the industry to introduce and use it, and directly and indirectly benefit tens of millions of people. At the same time, many problems that hindered the development of biotechnology have been solved, considerable economic and social benefits have been created, and a solid foundation has been laid for promoting the leap-forward development of biotechnology. WANG Jing has also received unanimous praise from industry professionals for its outstanding technical achievements and industry contributions, has won major national industry awards many times, and exerts a very high influence in the industry.

WANG Jing believes that biotechnology will achieve more intensive cooperation and development with more disciplines in the future, especially through the use of modern digital technology, which is of great importance in expanding biotechnology in depth and breadth and bringing it to human health care can improve, which results in a multiplier effect of the high level of integration in the field of biotechnology. And it will further deepen the integration and application of digital technology and biotechnology to provide a more solid technical guarantee for the development of biotechnology, food and drug safety and public health.

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