In May 2023, FalaBlock, the world’s leading crypto asset appreciation platform, announced the completion of its brand strategy update. In order to provide the user with a better visual experience and more valuable services, FalaBlock has comprehensively improved its business direction, brand planning, official website, product features and ecological value construction.

FalaBlock is ready for the historic moment of a new beginning. From a comprehensive perspective of vision, products, services and other aspects, FalaBlock will upgrade and optimize the business around six core layouts in the future: Fala Eco for ecological services, Fala Pool for mining pools, Fala Earn for crypto asset management, Fala Labs for Web3 Investments, Fala Research for Web3 Education and Fala Club to take advantage of traditional technology and finance to create a new situation in the field of digital economy.

Found Fala Labs to build the cutting-edge Web3 ecosystem

Currently, the crypto industry is in a bear market and FalaBlock believes the complex environment is better able to demonstrate the resilience and patience of excellent teams. Some potential projects will be promoted even in the bear market. For this reason, FalaBlock created its investment division, Fala Labs, which aims to become a premier blockchain incubator. In addition to establishing early venture capital projects, Fala Labs will provide comprehensive solutions including product design, marketing strategy, community resources and other support.

The Fala Labs Special Investment Fund is valued at $100 million and will be used to explore and invest in potential projects in DeFi, NFT, Layer2, SocialFi and GameFi to advance Web3 infrastructure construction. Not only is this the best time to provide investment support and comprehensive growth support for excellent and potential projects in Web3, but also to discover further investment opportunities for Fala Labs in the bear market.

Emphasize user needs to explore more efficient trading scenarios

FalaBlock has always been committed to developing entry-level applications for global crypto users, to provide standardized, trustworthy and professional services around crypto assets, and to build a future-oriented market mechanism based on the advanced experience of traditional financial markets to bridge the gap between CeFi close and DeFi and offer investors a comprehensive investment experience.

Users can flexibly adjust their funding to meet different funding needs and choose popular cryptocurrencies such as ETH, USDT, and FIL for wealth custody. With its competitive funding revenue, the platform has grown into a flagship product that is attracting a lot of attention in the industry.

In addition, the team focuses on achieving a more convenient and intelligent user experience in functional design and product practice, actively innovating features and iterating products to achieve the long-term value of cryptocurrency financing with better usability, and users’ various entry-level needs to be fulfilled comprehensively. Cryptocurrency asset management requirements.

Focus on Web3 education to support the development of the crypto industry

FalaBlock has officially announced the formation of several partnerships including educational programs with world-renowned universities, market institutions, entrepreneurship spaces and outstanding companies.

The team expressed the hope that by popularizing and promoting Web3 professional education on a global scale, it can make a lasting impact and enable deeper and more exciting explorations in cryptoscience. More efficient courses will be introduced in the future to help people understand Web3 and make social impact through Web3 and traditional technologies.

New launch of FalaBlock

A brand upgrade was carried out for the FalaBlock anniversary, introducing diverse, multi-dimensional and new vitality functions. It is foreseeable that the encryption industry will continue to develop and innovate at a faster rate in the future. Therefore, FalaBlock will keep the exploration and layout to help more users grow wealth in the Web3 world, and provide investors and entrepreneurs with more diverse opportunities to collaborate with global users in this bear market winter and prepare for the next bull market.

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