In this day and age, the concept of information explosion of the meta-universe has happened, we unknowingly feel the rise of the relevant section of the stock market, and also feel the doubling of the price of virtual assets, a time chain tour, the meta-universe seems to become an issue that Follow everyone and talk about it.

The Chain Tour is a blockchain game, also known as Gamefi, where players can play and gamble to earn, not only to have the fun of the game, but also to make money in the game. And together with the hot meta-universe, the chain game opens up a new world in the farm world.

After the hot public test of the chain game “Godzilla” advertised by Elon Musk in North America and Southeast Asia, the second chain game GoLatifundium NFT from the Golatifundium platform will also be launched in the near future.

Based on the new concepts of blockchain, NFT, meta-universe etc. and the subversion of the traditional game and chain game model and incentive mechanism, Gola has the GoLatifundium NFT game ecology with the support of the DAO community governance model and common. Develops top technical talent worldwide.

GoLatifundium NFT is a brand new entry in the farming section of Godzilla’s big IP. Everyone can enjoy GoLatifundium NFT through a fun game and be rewarded with tokens for their contribution to the ecosystem. Players can build and raise a beehive for the farm while increasing the yield of their crops.

GoLatifundium NFT is an open source farming game. The GoLatifundium NFT development team will work with the community to develop standout features for related game assets, and for Metaverse applications, GoLatifundium NFT will develop commercial blockchain products, industry solutions and a blockchain game ecosystem based on metaverse parallel worlds. It provides a powerful and highly scalable meta-universe parallel world game service aggregation for more users with the ability to quickly build a high-level application business to meet the high-user meta-universe application scenario.

Based on the characteristics of NFT, GoLatifundium NFT combines NFT and gaming incentives to provide users with a new gaming experience that is equivalent to a free revenue channel for gaming users. At the same time, GoLatifundium NFT breaks the existing circles and uses Game NFT as a medium to become a decentralized value circulation space with a focus on the Game NFT segment. In addition, the NFT generated by GoLatifundium NFT can be used to trade in crypto game collectibles and can also provide a marketplace for creators, players and prop collectors to interact and share exclusive game content in multi-platform environments including AR and VR environments for future interaction with Metaverse game content, etc.

At the same time, the Golatifundium platform will issue the Gola value pass and Metaverse multi-domain scenarios, Gola tokens can implement the exchange and trade between mainstream fiat currencies and Gola tokens can be exchanged and traded with mainstream fiat currencies have both circulating and investment value.

GoLatifundium NFT, a new world of the Metaverse Chain Tour, is about to change how users perceive the Gamefi world and is coming soon.

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