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Grocery giant Heinz is partnering with an award-winning restaurant to launch a vegan kebab bap in the UK.

With the cult favorite What the Pitta! to start the Doner Bap Special.

Vegan doner kebab

It contains Heinz ‘vegan mayonnaise, vegan cheese, fresh lettuce and What the Pitta!’ S characteristic kebab meat.

The meat-free dish will be available for two months and will debut this week on What the Pitta! Locations in Manchester, Brighton and Camden, London *.

Heinz X What the Pitta!

Claire Traynor is Head of Food Service at Kraft Heinz. In a statement sent to PBN, she said, “We are excited to be working with What the Pitta! – a popular and really exciting innovator when it comes to everything vegan.

“We know that more and more people are opting for a plant-based diet, with veganism and flexitarianism steadily increasing.

“This offers operators a new way to meet this emerging consumer need with vegan menu options that don’t compromise on taste.”

Traynor also said Heinz “recognizes the importance of offering our customers a plant-based mayo alternative that” tastes great “.

She then concluded, “The Doner Bap Special was created in collaboration with What the Pitta! shows how easy it is to adapt menus in a vegan-friendly way with Heinz [Seriously] Good vegan mayo. “

“Heinz is a popular brand and it’s great to see that it embraces the herbal movement but also supports small businesses.”

Cem Yildiz, co-founder of What the Pitta!

In addition, Cem Yildiz, co-founder of What the Pitta, added: “We are very excited about this collaboration.

“Heinz is a popular household brand and it’s great to see that it embraces the plant-based movement but also supports small businesses.

“The vegan mayo has been very well received by the vegan community right from its start in retail, and we look forward to building on it.”

* Due to COVID-19, the Doner Bap Special at Deliveroo from What the Pitta! Websites currently open for takeout

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