Recently, the Asia Climate Forum 2023 officially kicked off with an exhibition in Singapore, inviting major organizations such as the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), national meteorological and hydrological departments and national environmental agencies to discuss global climate change with a focus on meteorological and hydrological services worldwide. The China Meteorological Service Association participates in this international exhibition together with Moji Weather and other leading weather companies in China.

Pictured right to left: Yaohai Huang, Senior Vice President of Moji Weather, and Wenjian Zhang, WMO Deputy Secretary General

Picture from right to left: Xianghua Xu, deputy director of the International Cooperation Department, CMA, Yaohai Huang, senior vice president of Moji Weather

During the WMO PPE session, Yaohai Huang, senior vice president of Moji Weather, delivered a speech entitled “Commercial Weather Services Drive China’s Public Services” to attendees. He emphasized the collaboration between commercial weather companies and meteorological authorities in providing valuable services for national and regional public activities. For example, Moji Weather and other commercial weather service providers have partnered with the China Meteorological Administration, research institutes, colleges and universities to develop sophisticated weather forecasting technology for the 2022 Winter Olympics. By working together and applying modern technologies such as AI, they have complemented each other’s strengths and improved prediction accuracy, especially for Winter Olympics venues.

Yaohai Huang, Senior Vice President of Moji Weather, delivers a speech

Yaohai Huang also emphasized the complementary nature of social and professional meteorological observation, stating that “conducting social meteorological observation while ensuring the security of meteorological data can increase the density of meteorological stations and generate more ‘intelligence’ in meteorological observation.” Moji Weather’s “Sky Observer Program” aims for social observation based on user-generated observation, recording and sharing. This program will support public institutions in their meteorological observation efforts and contribute to the country’s disaster prevention and response efforts.

Under the motto “Hello New Weather, Hello New World”, Moji Weather expressed its good will to understand, communicate and shape the future together with the global audience of the exhibition. Matching the exhibition theme, Moji Weather set up three areas at its booth: “Enterprise Introduction”, “AI Technologies for Weather” and “Business Weather Services”. Solutions for extreme weather and climate change. Moji Weather aims to drive progress in the industry by collaborating with consumers, businesses, and government agencies.

In the “Enterprise Introduction” section, guests from all over the world can quickly learn about Moji Weather and its key products such as “Short Term Radar” and its scenario-based services such as forecasts for allergies, precipitation and flower estimation. In the Al Technologies for Weather section, Moji Weather showcased advanced technologies such as meteorological big data, global weather data visualization, machine learning image recognition technology, and MOS numerical weather model. The Moji Ocean Meteorological Navigation Platform received a special mention. In the Business Weather Service area, Moji Weather demonstrated the application of Moji Chibi, a weather data and meteorological service solution for industrial customers, in the areas of navigation, transportation, environmental protection, agriculture and sporting events. Moji Chibi’s bespoke Meteorology + Industry business model was also showcased.

Moji Weather’s appearance at the Asia Climate Forum shows that the company has started to embrace the new world and weather. This is also the first step for the world to understand Moji. In line with the vision of “becoming the world’s leading weather services company”, Moji Weather will constantly strengthen its technological innovation and weather services capabilities to create a new form of services that is personalized, intelligent, scenario-based, socialized and international. oriented and bring Chinese meteorological brands to the world.


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