Metagame Industries, a connected Web3 gaming ecosystem, has partnered with Space and Time, a leader in decentralized data warehousing, to create a new standard for Web3 gaming. Space and Time will allow Metagame Industries to store and access massive amounts of game data on the decentralized data platform where it can be linked to indexed blockchain data.

Metagame Industries is the company behind Abyss World, an open world dark fantasy action RPG Web3 title on the Sui Network. Through integration with Space and Time, Abyss World can merge indexed blockchain data with game-generated off-chain data in a single query and connect the results back to on-chain smart contracts. This integration enables Abyss World to enable more complex earning schemes for in-game economics, perform tamper-proof analytics against game activity, and reduce on-chain storage costs by connecting a scalable decentralized data warehouse to the blockchain-based platform.

“We are very excited to partner with Space and Time as their cutting-edge decentralized data warehouse technology will allow us to provide our players with a more efficient and decentralized gaming experience,” said Joe Zu, CEO of Metagame Industries. “By leveraging AI-driven content, we can take Abyss World to the next level and revolutionize the web3 gaming industry.”

More importantly, Abyss World also uses AI algorithms to control various aspects of the game, from NPC behavior to the game’s PvP component, the Abyss Colosseum. To ensure the fairness of game results, Space and Time’s unique architecture allows the AI ​​algorithms for metadata associated with the game’s hero characters to be stored in the decentralized data warehouse, making the core game fully decentralized and secure that the AI ​​models are testable allowing for the constant development of the heroes.

Space and Time’s full set of developer tools, which includes indexed blockchain data, a hybrid transactional and analytical data warehouse, and a serverless API gateway, provides developers with the necessary infrastructure to develop scalable Web3 games.

“Space and Time is committed to advancing Web3 gaming. Our partnership with Metagame Industries will create a fairer and more transparent gaming economy, allowing Abyss World to power its game with tamper-proof on-chain and off-chain data and auditable AI,” said Stephen Hilton, Head of Solutions at Space and Time .

By partnering with Space and Time, Abyss World wants to offer a more decentralized and efficient gaming experience and become a new Web3 gaming standard. With the ability to store massive amounts of data in a decentralized and secure manner, the possibilities for game advancement are endless. The collaboration between Space and Time and Abyss World promises to revolutionize the Web3 gaming industry and provide players with a more transparent and trusted gaming experience.

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