GameFi is one of the most exciting new crypto trends right now, combining decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) with blockchain-based online gaming. Many GameFi projects have sprung up as a result of the hot market, most of which are struggling to strike a balance between playability and high revenue, and if player growth slows down, the price of tokens will stay low, resulting in player losses. Additionally, high-playability chain games lack a good economic model that prevents players from making money, while KaraStar creates a really long-lasting play-to-earn ecosystem.

As a blockchain game, KaraStar has a highly credible smart contract system, all transactions are open and transparent, everyone can access game data and pet data on the blockchain, and the player’s assets are completely in their hands. In traditional games, playing the game is simply playing the game and has no monetary value while KaraStar can generate actual income for the players.

KaraStar is a Binance Smart Chain based card game with two modes: PVE and PVP. In PVE mode, players have to explore the dungeon and defeat wild monsters with pets to unlock new levels. Different levels are rewarded differently, and the higher the level and the more difficult the level, the more rewards you will get. As you explore the dungeon, you may come across treasure chests containing random rewards such as UMY tokens, experience points, decorative props, etc. . Rich elements enhance the gaming experience.

The combat system in PVP mode is a turn-based card game in which the goal of the player is to destroy all enemies in front of his pet’s team. In each round the player has to play his skill cards strategically in order to improve his chances of winning within the rules. The winning team receives a set number of UMY tokens. Different pet combinations result in exciting and imaginative combat strategies that make fights more interesting and competitive. We started tournaments to encourage users to participate in the PVP. After the season, all participants will be rewarded according to their ranks.

Players can choose to breed or evolve their pets. Pets can be bred to produce new offspring, but each pet has a maximum number of times they can be bred to avoid overstretching the pet population. Once that number is reached, they can no longer breed. Their parents’ genes are passed on to their offspring. To increase the arena level, players can develop their pets. Pet evolution enables pets to receive the divinity gene. As the genes of powerful skill cards evolve into divine genes, players will crush their opponents in the game and experience the ultimate competitive experience. For NFT fans, it is very collectable because of the gene of good looking, glowing or transformable, etc.

The Singapore-based project team includes former Zynga, ROBLOX and other leading game development engineers, as well as leading blockchain experts with 10 years of professional experience and Wall Street math actuaries. The team wants to protect the ecology, so we developed the unique pet evolution system to limit the supply of UMY tokens. At the same time, we hope that players will join the arena season and earn higher rewards by improving their arena rank. In addition, we have developed Pledge Mining, which allows players to participate in KARA mining by pawning NFT in-game, while mining them requires burning their UMY tokens. In our opinion, this has a positive effect on the stability of the gaming ecosystem.

The future KaraStar will be a truly great metaverse presented in 3D. The planets in the universe are sold to the players and belong to them autonomously, each planet owner will regularly produce a part of KARA tokens and the players can build planets with the development tools provided by us. These planets are connected by interstellar routes to form a metaverse that truly belongs to everyone. Get your spaceship ticket now and join the KaraStar universe!

The KaraStar beta starts on November 5th. Users earn points by completing tasks on the official website during the beta phase. The points earned can be redeemed at the end of the beta for 500,000 USDT in tokens and NFT treasure chests with a 100% win rate! Further information can be found at

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