Modern industrial engineering is a comprehensive technology that specializes in the optimal mapping of production system elements such as people, equipment, materials, information and the environment. It specializes in the systematic planning and design, evaluation and innovation of industrial and other production processes to improve industrial productivity and socio-economic benefits. In addition, the content is becoming more and more extensive.

LIAO Xiaopeng, a renowned industrial engineer in China, is now working as General Manager of Hefei Extreme Technology Co., Ltd. As a decision maker and manager, he implements the company’s overall strategy and is responsible for leading the development and implementation of product strategies and for directing the design and implementation of financial systems and the management and safeguarding of funds. He has steadily led the company towards conglomeration, industrialization and globalization. He constantly introduced cutting-edge talents and advanced production technologies to enhance the company’s cultural connotation and core competitiveness.

LIAO Xiaopeng has been intensively engaged in industrial engineering for many years, and has rich industry experience and excellent technical R&D ability. He combines his knowledge and skills in mathematics, physics and social sciences with engineering analysis and other methods. He optimized the design of production-integrated systems in such a way that the human and various other resources that go into the system are used in the most effective and efficient way, and the maximum performance of the system is achieved.

As a domestic researcher in the field of industrial engineering, LIAO Xiaopeng has used its many original intellectual property achievements to show the new direction of industrial engineering development and bring a lot of new inspiration to traditional industrial enterprises. Over the years, LIAO Xiaopeng has been devoted to the study and work of industrial engineering. He is committed to promoting the pioneering exploration and deep application of cutting-edge information science and technology in the industrial field. A number of international leading research results have been proposed and led to completion, such as Online Detection Device”, “A Kind of Automotive Exhaust Gas Detection Device”. They have made an outstanding contribution to the development of digitization and intelligence in the field of industrial engineering.

These technological achievements are highly innovative and groundbreaking, solving many painful and difficult problems in the field of industrial engineering and leading the way for the realization of more advanced and efficient industrial engineering projects. 1. “A kind of simulated vehicle detection driving device” is able to solve the problems of the background technology by building a hydraulic device that lifts the vehicle under test. Standing up the drums can rotate the car, and the friction between the front and rear drums can simulate the road surface. 2. “A kind of motor vehicle wheel brake detection device” is equipped with a wheel deflection correction plate and a dustproof cloth inside the body of the dynamometer, so that the vehicle can be inspected without manual wheel adjustment, which increases the efficiency and accuracy of the inspection. Meanwhile, the dust cover protects the dyno body from dust after the vehicle is inspected. 3. “A kind of automotive exhaust gas detection device” measures the distance difference △L between the tire and wheel using an infrared distance sensor and compares it with a comparison database. In case of abnormality of the tires and the distance and the difference between distance △L and database, the central processor warns the driver through a warning module. 4. “A kind of automotive exhaust gas detection device” means the vehicle exhaust gas transported through the exhaust gas introduction pipe to the connecting chamber and controlled by the circulation control device at various stages of engine operation, so that the exhaust gas enters the exhaust gas collection chamber and is treated by the exhaust gas analyzer for purer and more accurate measurement of the collected exhaust gas is analyzed and processed. His series of developments has created innovative perspectives in the field of industrial engineering and continues to lead the industrial engineering industry towards digitization, intelligence and greening.

Driven by several factors, industrial engineering companies and related researchers have joined this new path of industrial engineering, and through the research and development and promotion of various advanced technological achievements, they promote the gradual realization of intelligence in many aspects of the industrial engineering industry. At the same time, it has brought the industrial engineering industry into a critical development phase, where new technologies, new models and new business models are constantly emerging. As a researcher in the field of industrial engineering technology research, LIAO Xiaopeng will continue to specialize in the opportunities of cutting-edge information science in the field of industrial engineering technology research, so that more companies can enjoy the fruits of victory that their R&D system has brought . We believe that LIAO Xiaopeng, with its love for industrial engineering industry and extraordinary technical R&D capabilities, will make more and more contributions to the innovation and development of the whole industrial engineering industry, and its future development will be even more brilliant. Author: LI Wenwen

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