LottoBlock, a new project in Web3 space based on Etherchain, is a gambling community based on the development of blockchain technology and aims to build an open, transparent and fair entertainment platform through the path of DAO governance .

With the concept of co-construction and exchange in the crypto space, to meet the fast entertainment needs of Web3 users in their free time

Joining LottoBlock is extremely easy and user-friendly as Web3 users can easily and flexibly access the platform by simply logging into the website or using the application plugin that has been integrated into the official Telegram community. LottoBlock also offers an automated game bot that allows players to set up a game schedule in advance, avoiding the possibility of missing the distribution of important in-game prizes.

This is a common situation for Web3 players when they have free time but there is no product that allows them to play in a very short time. For example, while waiting for public transport, eating alone, during lunch break, etc. LottoBlock offers players a “Quick Play” participation mode, which allows players to complete a full gameplay in just 5 minutes, using only the popular cryptocurrency to participate.

Committed to building the first real gambling DAO community

LottoBlock is dedicated to creating a decentralized gaming ecology DAO community. In the core Lucky Prize game module, the process and outcomes of each game round are set up in a way that allows players to validate the model against the blockchain’s random number generation rules to ensure full transparency and data traceability of the game process. The DAO Fund will fulfill its mission by maintaining a stable prize pool, rewarding users for their community behavior, and growing the community’s user base.

Adhering to the concept of “anyone can participate, values ​​can be shared”, LottoBlock also implements a convenient DAO realization path, users can participate in activities, help with promotions, trade purchases and otherwise participate in the platform’s asset rewards The community also sets the participation in ecological governance and the scale weight according to the share of the user’s wealth holdings, so that players can continue to share the benefits of DAO and ultimately realize the ecological construction of DAO.

Community Co-Building Ambassador partnership program coming soon

Recently, LottoBlock will fully launch the community building ambassador cooperation program, introducing ambassadors from different language regions to jointly promote the development of LottoBlock’s community ecology. Through the localized language service capabilities, it will also help users further understand the project, and further optimize the product and platform experience by combining the different needs of users in each region.

LottoBlock will also provide practical management tools such as a promotion system, a reward system, and ambassador tools applicable to the ambassador development community to encourage further successful community development.

In the future, LottoBlock will introduce more partners who are interested in the decentralized gambling space to jointly launch the OG plan, the early bird plan and the regular airdrop plan, following the trend of user growth.

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