Recently, family members of legendary Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona, through Sattvica, his business management agency, announced that Maradona NFT digital artworks would be officially released. The classic figurine of the great soccer player is permanently preserved and preserved to commemorate this outstanding soccer player. Approving the issuance of NFT digital artworks is said to be a historic first for the agency.

Diego Maradona was one of the greatest players of the 20th century and all of football history. His talent, skills and passion made him a super idol for a generation. Many football fans from Argentina and Italy considered him a miracle. In a way, Maradona was not an athlete, but a cultural icon, a legend on the football field and a beacon of global heroism. Although the great soccer player has died, the fever, adoration and celebrations around him never abate. Fans believe Maradona’s spirit will stay with them forever.

Maradona’s family members also believe that he will stay with them forever. Earlier this year, Maradona’s sisters founded the Maradona Association in Argentina. The club wanted to uphold their charitable commitments and bring their spirit to fans around the world through a range of activities. Maradona’s sister Rita Mabel Maradona is currently in charge of the club’s work. As an important part of the club’s brand, a number of NFT artworks have been created by independent artists on behalf of Rita. Because the artists were inspired by the classic character and the glory days of Maradona, this NFT series has been dubbed “The Golden Ages.”

Maradona Golden Times NFTs are issued via the BNB Chain technical platform. With the help of blockchain technology, the digital assets can be stored forever. For Maradona’s family members and fans, these permanently saved NFTs symbolize Maradona’s enduring spiritual wealth.

NFT artworks are digital assets based on blockchain technology. They are special because each NFT has a unique identification that is inseparable. The advent of NFT has revolutionized the art industry and artists are now able to present their work in completely new ways. In esports, many football stars have jumped on this bandwagon and issued their own NFTs. Many young people really enjoy NFTs.

Although the issuance of NFT has been approved by the enterprise management authority, post-issuance, it is the Web3 community led by the Maradona Association that owns the artworks. The Web3 community wants to become a global spiritual home for Maradona’s fans. NFT owners come with status and many priorities such as: B. the priority to participate in the Maradona Charity Cup, the right to participate in offline community activities and other potential rights and interests.

NFT’s offer is only a small part of the work of the Maradona Association. In terms of planning digital technologies, in the future the association would like to create an immersive 3D world and build a Maradona Metaverse Museum where NFT digital artworks can be exhibited.

The creation of Maradona Golden Time NFT artworks offers fans a novel cultural experience. It uses digital innovations to commemorate the great soccer player. The artworks in the Golden Times series will only be available in a limited edition of 100,000. Compared to Maradona’s fan base, such a supply is quite limited and rare. It is unknown if additional series of NFTs will be issued in the future.

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