On July 6, the “Xiamen Talent Service Month 2023”, also known as “Overseas Students Return to Xiamen”, was launched. The opening ceremony was attended by academics from the Singapore Academy of Engineering, Outstanding Young Talents from Xiamen City, high-ranking foreign students, You Pei Student (representative of the introduction of the young doctoral program) and representatives of foreign science and technology officials. along with more than 300 people including representatives of scientific research institutes and foreign students.

During the month, the city will conduct 30 activities and publish a list of 80 activities to provide guidance and support to talents coming to Xiamen.

The event has been held for three consecutive years and has played an important role in promoting the city image and talent policy, promoting the cooperation of major industrial projects in Xiamen, and creating an atmosphere of respect and love for talents, and has been widely praised by talents and companies, which forms a good trend for talent accumulation.

At present, Xiamen has a total workforce of 1.55 million, and the number of international talents is over 56,000. Xiamen was awarded the titles of “China’s Best Talent-Attracting City of the Year”, “China’s Top 10 Cities for Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship” and “The City with the Greatest Potential in the Eyes of Foreign Talents”.

The event, with the theme of introducing international talent and integrating and developing Straits talent, includes carefully planned activities such as project cooperation, capital docking and entrepreneurial competition, and makes contributions to international cooperation projects.

At the opening ceremony, the international promotional film “Embrace the world and your dream in xiamen” was released, an invitation was extended to talents from all over the world, and the song was performed for talents at home and abroad. At the same time, the Sci-Tech Innovation and Cooperation Alliance for Rare Earth Industry was launched, focusing on high-quality resources on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and opening a new chapter in the integration of production and talent. The ceremony also presented the Outstanding Young Talents and Xiamen Talent Scout Awards and launched the Hai-Link Business Workshop brand.

The event brought a group of academics and experts to lead projects involving new materials, modern agriculture, urban environment and other industrial fields, and contributed to the improvement of scientific and technological cooperation in Xiamen.

The ceremony announced the “Signing Ceremony for the Inter-University Talent Training Program” involving top universities such as Peking University, James Cook University (Singapore), Nankai University and the Royal Institute of Technology in Suvarnabhumi, to conduct a co-education of talents, to expand the vision of young talents through the joint construction of internship practice bases and joint training.

In addition, the international talent brand “Guilu (Returned Talents to Xiamen)” made its debut at the opening ceremony and joined the talent family in Xiamen by warmly inviting overseas students and international talents to Xiamen.

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