With the beginning of the era of the global industrial revolution, the expansion of the wealth of human society has shown exponential growth. Behind this is the continuous development from the traditional agricultural society through the industrial society to the information technology society.

The constant advancement of technology has led to ever greater efficiency in social production. It is a process of continuous informatization, dataization and globalization as well as a process of continuous exponential increase in economic performance. Only by following this trend can the market accommodate enough oversized unicorn companies.

So where is the end point of future evolution? What is the face of ultimate society?

Perhaps Metaverse has already given the desired answer.

The evolutionary end of human society metaverse

“Metaverse” is made up of “Meta” (transcendence) and “Universe” (universe), ie “world beyond the universe”. Modern English dictionaries define it as a virtual reality (VR) space where users can interact with computer generated environments and other people. Meta-Universum “is a creative concept from science fiction and films. Around 30 years ago, the American science fiction author Neil Stephenson created the concept “Metaverse” with his novel “Avalanche”, which refers to a computer-generated virtual world. The protagonist of the novel is a pizza delivery man who in reality shares a small warehouse with others, but when he connects with the “Metaverse”, he moves into a virtual villa. In “Metaverse” everyone has their own “digital avatar”

In fact, Metaverse can be understood to mean that all things in the real world will be projected into the virtual world, even the scale of the virtual world will be larger than the real world. For example, the film “Number One Player” showed the audience intuitively how to implement the “Metaverse”. Wearing a VR helmet can enter the virtual world “Oasis” where there is a full virtual social form, including digital content and digital products from various industries. The protagonist can not only “see” through the somatosensory suit, but also perceive the physical pain caused by conflicts in the virtual world.

In the Metaverse concept, Roblox is the first person to eat crabs. In March of this year, the US listing of games company Roblox sparked a real “metaverse” boom, and several domestic and foreign tech giants and capital poured into the market. But what really got Metaverse to global media was the news of Facebook’s name change.

Meta is born

On October 29th at 10 a.m. Eastern Time, Facebook opened its annual developer conference as planned. In the face of countless visitors, Zuckerberg announced loudly: “Today we have something important to tell you, namely to confirm the news of the company’s name change, the new company is called Meta.” In addition, in an unprecedented, careful, and complete manner, Zuckerberg explained his understanding and strategic planning of the metaverse, as well as the various advances made in the metaverse. Even the classic thumb logo has been removed and replaced by a new symbol similar to “endless”.

The official change of the company name of the Internet technology giant Facebook to “Meta” shows that Facebook is trying to break away from the past and tear off the label that has been fixed on it social media.

In fact, the metaverse vision shown by Facebook is somewhat similar to the film. In the keynote, the scene behind Xiao Zha changed from the daily living room to the virtual villa and space capsule. As with real people, he communicated and interacted with the avatars of other users who were connected to the “Future Internet” and changed the virtual world. Everything in it is projected into reality.

The future development of “Metaverse” described by Xiaozha will be the “post-internet world” and could become the last form of development in the internet age. Although the goal is far away, it is possible to build a path to the Metaverse through games, and Ocean Mollu is one of the representatives.

Ocean Mollu creates the world’s first 3D metaverse

The development of the Internet has hugely enriched and expanded our lives, allowing us to buy products thousands of miles away at the touch of a button without leaving home, and extending our lives in disguise through technology. Now players can experience different character lives through the Metaverse world created by Ocean Mollu, have different assets and social relationships, do things that cannot be done in real life, and advance the future scenes of the Meta Domain.

The game pioneers represented by Axie created hundreds of millions of blue ocean markets, but the biggest problem with most Metaverse games today is that the game screen remains 2D style and the growth in player revenue from the influx of new outside players depends. Once the surge is difficult to sustain, the backward image leads to aesthetic fatigue for the player and the abandonment of the game, and playing to earn can only become empty talk.

In response to the weaknesses of Metaverse games, Ocean Mollu was created. It is a blockchain 3D style metaverse game designed and built based on the BSC public chain.

Ocean Mollu maintains the dream of linking the future metaverse and is more like a virtual 3D world parallel to the physical world. In the world of Ocean Mollu, social interaction becomes alive and within reach. In the future, players will be able to see the creation of work, education, gaming, tourism and other areas and create a system that encompasses all the different forms of our real social life. The magical world in your pocket.

In this virtual world with complete spatial awareness and physical rules, Ocean Mollu offers every player a unique substitute Mollu. Mollu, a superpowered creature, has various attributes and combat power. In the later stages, Mollu can receive a steady stream of upgrades through fighting and caring for players.

(Mollu who fought in Ocean Mollu)

Although the game has not yet been released, the preliminary information and design patterns allow us to see the game’s benefits and growth potential:

1. Token Scarcity Value: Most competing games set up internal inflation tokens to attract more players in the early stages. Ocean Mollu’s economic model has developed a large number of destructive mechanisms to maintain the value of OMO, such as: 70% of the auction market will be used to buy back OMO; 40% of the transaction fee between players is used to buy back OMO for destruction etc. It can be said that OMO in the system becomes more and more scarce as the players grow and the total amount of tokens is limited.

2. Gamefi’s Paradigm: The concept of the metaverse is still in its infancy. Many projects only focus on issues like the playability of the user interface user experience and lack the design and value retention of in-game economics. In addition to the destruction mechanism settings mentioned above, Ocean Mollu also integrates Defi and NFT to provide multiple benefits to players. And there are many scenarios in Ocean Mollu where a certain percentage is used to add the liquidity of the OMO / USDT trading pair, which can improve the stability of the game and provide players with long-term income.

3. Rich Mollu Design: Currently, many popular in-game players in the market have a very common identity. As the number of users increases, the entry threshold has risen accordingly, which brings annoyance and risks for many newbies. In the initial phase of Mollu there will be eight professions and more than 1,000 component combinations. Each mollu has unique attributes, rich elements, and more diverse player selections. You can put together your pet combinations based on your interests. DIY is part of your own Mollu team!

In Ocean Mollu, players can choose according to their own situation. Early entry only needs to buy 5 mollu to play and enjoy the benefits of game growth. This will also allow the game to form long-term natural growth without the gaming tokens being too high in value, too high a threshold for new players, and getting them into the dilemma of unsustainable growth and an unaffordable market.

4. More immersive gaming experience

With the powerful expansive technology of the public BSC chain and the high-dimensional game hardware VR glasses developed by Ocean Mollu, their future in-game scene expression will complete the transformation from traditional 2D to 3D and the encroachment of 3D technology into games will complete the traditional break through two. The solid visual mindset in three-dimensional game brings players a sense of real space and shocking experience.

5. Extended DAO governance model

In a real Metaverse society, the importance of the community of players goes without saying. For this reason, Ocean Mollu has established the DAO community management model and made the governance pool address for community management and supervision public.

With the maturity of Ocean Mollu and the token economic system, the governance funds of the DAO fund governance pool are all used for community development (seasonal bonuses, official grants, etc.) and the use is determined by the community. OceanMollu will gradually evolve into a community-based decentralized organization and become a game that really runs through DAO.


Since Facebook changed the name from Metaverse to Meta, this magical early fantasy concept will no longer exist in novels and films. Although there is still a long way to go to realize Metaverse’s vision, the door to the virtual world and the real world is open, be it from the virtual to the real or from the real to the virtual, unstoppable trend.

As Ocean Mollu with an innovative 3D painting style, his creative concepts and technologies offer a solid player base and a lot of fundamental work for the future towards a complete Metaverse world; With various tech capital giants entering the game, the tech breakthrough is only a matter of time. The colorful world that Ocean Mollu created will come into our lives at some point.

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