Crypto wallet provider, Copartner Pocket, has secured $ 9 million in funding to develop a new multichain crypto wallet that will help Defi users visit decentralized applications of various blockchains and make substantial profits in the cryptocurrency market achieve. The next generation of Copartner Pocket, an encrypted multi-chain wallet developed by seasoned blockchain professionals with experience developing mainstream exchanges and financial experts, Copartner Pocket 2.0, will be developed with the new funding, the developers were able to confirm.

Designed to provide secure encrypted asset management and extensive blockchain applications, Copartner Pocket provides users with leading cryptocurrency services through technology. Originally funded by Hantes Finance SA and later Canada National Investment Inc and other institutions, Copartner Pocket provides secure and reliable digital asset management services to millions of users in more than 50 countries around the world.

The new round of funding will drive the development of the next generation product – Copartner Pocket 2.0. Copartner Pocket 2.0 will develop a new private key management mechanism to ensure that users’ private keys are protected in such a way that no one other than users knows their private keys. The global identity accounts system will level out the differences between different networks, change the way financial services are integrated to create a seamless experience for users. The goal of Copartner Pocket 2.0 is to fundamentally improve the way users interact with the blockchain, thereby making blockchain technology and financial services more accessible to a wider group of users.

In addition, this round of funding will be used to create Copartner Pocket Labs, a blockchain technology research institute, to research cutting edge blockchain technologies to better serve Copartner Pocket users. At the same time, the team will also be recruiting research, marketing and operations talent from around the world to help drive Copartner Pocket’s international business growth.

“We are joining our incredibly talented colleagues in the broader Copartner Pocket product family to provide a fairer, freer and more decentralized Internet-based economy for everyone,” said one of the developers.

“Wallet is one of the main entrances for users to enter the decentralized digital world. After years of development, Copartner Pocket has not only provided users with secure and diversified wallets and identity services, but has also become the main wallet application on Ethereum. Service providers have also created their own encrypted digital asset management financial ecosystem around decentralized asset management. Because of this, we are very optimistic about Copartner Pocket and believe it can have a place in the future decentralized financial ecosystem, ”he added.

about the company

Copartner Pocket is a decentralized wallet with local storage of the private key, physical isolation, multi-layer algorithm encryption and various other functions to ensure data security.

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