Brazil’s most popular digital marketing platform Ntbuy just announced they have received a $ 18 million investment from Winexist, and it’s conservative now valued at $ 150 million. Ntbuy says this round of funding will further expand its market and position it as a the leading provider of e-commerce marketing in South America.

Founded in 2003, Ntbuy To achieve continuous innovation and breakthroughs in competition with similar products and to firmly occupy the transport market with its competitive strength.

As a highly innovative platform for digital marketing Ntbuy is attractive to its users because of its low threshold and high return, 1st place in South America with 5 million users and total sales of Hundreds of millions of dollars.

Currently the business of Ntbuy Has covered numerous Countries and regions including the United States, Colombia, and Argentina. Its cumulative order volume reached 0.9 billion in November, of it 85% came from highly viscous users and 60% of users were spontaneous split from friends. Tens of millions of orders have to be processed on the platform every month.

The constant increase in online orders, the excellent service and the enormous market potential make it Buy the most popular platform for rich profits that too BuyS. unique feature to attract venture capital.

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