In 2009, Bitcoin was born with the block technology, which opened the lively curtain of digital currency. In the years that followed, many blockchain digital currencies including Litecoin and Ripple were born. In 2015, the emergence of the concept of smart contract platform brought new convenience to the issuance and circulation of digital currency, and the digital currency market won a period of prosperity and development.

There have been endless discussions on the security issues of digital currency storage and management. The past experience is to install different decentralized wallets for different types of digital currencies to manage them separately, followed by paying high management fees and letting the central agency manage them. Both methods have their own drawbacks, and the security risks make it difficult to feel at ease.

POP Protocol is committed to providing the public with a safe, convenient and efficient digital asset platform. It adheres to the core technology of blockchain and stores wallet keys and address private key information of various digital currencies in the user’s local system. POP Protocol not only allows users to fully control digital assets, but also provides multi-signature technology authorization verification carefully, and can freely choose a secure verification method during transactions, so that criminals have no chance to take advantage. The arrival of the Internet of Things technology has shown us a more free, convenient and connected world. POP Protocol can connect digital currency with the physical world by realizing more application scenarios of digital assets. The architectural design of the POP Protocol platform completely solves the problem of blockchain performance, the problem of high cost and difficulty of blockchain development, the problem of wasted computing power, and the combination of various centralized and decentralized business logic. The problems of blockchain connecting the real world, etc., bring unimaginable wealth opportunities to over 100 million users and developers around the world.

POP Protocol DeFi Machine Pool

In the era of DeFi, the most popular is liquidity mining. Whether it is traditional mining or liquidity mining, the main purpose is profit. In order to maximize the income of liquidity mining, the game of machine gun pools similar to traditional mining has emerged as the times require. The principle of the POP Protocol DeFi Smart Pool is similar to that of the traditional Smart Pool. The POP Protocol DeFi Smart Pool will switch funds to higher-yielding DeFi projects for liquidity mining according to the real-time mining revenue, providing investors with higher It is essentially a strategic mining pool that achieves optimal returns through intelligent scheduling. However, the difference between the DeFi machine gun pool and the machine gun pool in the traditional POW mining ecology is that we no longer need to buy mining machines and operate mining machines. We only need to have coins on hand and deposit them as collateral.

Advantages of machine gun pools:

  1. Maximize revenue:
    Profit is the focus of every investor, and Smart Pool can help us maximize mining revenue. According to the level of real-time mining income, the funds are switched to higher-yielding DeFi projects for liquidity mining, providing investors with higher mining income.
  2. Low operating threshold:
    Although the current DeFi projects are very popular, there are not many users participating in it as a whole. This is mainly because DeFi applications require asset conversion, pledge, pool selection, redemption, etc., and have certain operational thresholds. And some users lose coins, buy counterfeit coins, transfer to wrong addresses and so on during complicated operations. The operation of POP Protocol is particularly simple. Users can participate in DeFi mining with one click, and both veterans and newbies can get started directly.
  3. Gas fee low:
    Each step in DeFi mining requires 1-2 contract calls, and the cost per time ranges from 10-80 US dollars, and may even exceed 100 US dollars when the Ethereum network is congested. In contrast, the pool of funds is concentrated, for example, 1,000 people only consume gas fee once, and each user can achieve close to zero gas fee loss.
  4. Featured items:
    It can provide a function of asset screening and configuration, and each previous project will evaluate its security and benefits to a certain extent.
  5. High security:
    Each project in the POP Protocol machine gun pool will evaluate its security and benefits to a certain extent, which is very helpful for individual miners.

Advantages of POP Protocol

One of the easiest ways to get a return on your DeFi investment. When you buy POP, it is automatically staked and compounded in the POP bank, no need to manually collect the yield. From the moment you buy POP, all you need to do is wait to receive POP Protocol, the POP reward provided by POP Protocol.

Highlights of POP Protocol:

  1. The groundbreaking DEFI3.0: automatic compound interest, automatic capital pool addition!
  2. POP Protocol is safe: the pot is locked, the contract is open source, and the permission is discarded!
  3. POP Protocol is a free, spontaneous and voluntary DAO, and everyone’s participation is the master!
  4. POP Protocol is international, spreads virally, and will surely become popular all over the world!
  5. A paradise for long-term POP holders, a paradise for preachers!
  6. POP Protocol’s project team is excellent, has a grand vision, is honest and reliable, and has been moving forward steadily. It is trustworthy!

POP Protocol is managed by all POP Protocol participants, and at the same time, through a long-term and effective compound interest mechanism, each citizen’s wealth freedom, investment freedom, and governance freedom are realized.

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