There is no doubt that “Metaverse” will be the hottest word by the end of 2021. Tech giants are aggressively arranging metaverse. Facebook even changed its name to “Meta”. Finance, culture, consumerism, and the public all focus on Metaverse. Metaverse’s door to the new era opens. As Metaverse and Web3.0 become more popular, DAO takes a more prominent position in the virtual world.

Since this year, DAO has seen significant growth. According to the Deep DAO, DAO’s total assets under management are $ 13.7 billion to date. Compared to the first half of 2021, the amount of funds deposited by DAOs has increased by 1422%. There were a total of 186 DAOs. The cumulative number of organization members and token holding members of these DAOs is 17 million. Roberto Talamas, a Messari researcher, cited data from DeepDao on Twitter. The data showed that DAO membership has increased 133% since August, owns more than 1.6 million companies and has worked with 164 organizations.

In a broader sense, DAO can better meet the vision and development trend of Web3.0 and play a key role in the development of Web3.0. With the popularity of some IPs like Metaverse and NFT, DAO can continually enrich its production ecosystem. DAO, which can reflect the core of Web3.0, is an important infrastructure for production value. In this era, META X DAO, as a DAO organization that integrates funding, governance and shared values, could become the best model of DAOs that can lead the biggest breakout point in the digital economy in 2022.

META X DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization responsible for developing, managing and developing DeFi products and providing traffic access for high quality Metaverse projects. It seeks to build an incubator platform for environmental governance backed by decentralized assets, decentralized technology, and decentralized organizations.

The concept of META X DAO was developed in 2019 by David Arnett’s team while trying to develop DeFi products in a decentralized organizational model based on DAO organizations. David Arnett, a digital currency expert, an early blockchain evangelist, a major expert on cryptographic protocols, consensus, and game theory, is the founder of this team. David Arnett was involved in the early ecological construction of Ethereum. Since the appearance of the DAO concept, David has been convinced that DAO will eventually replace traditional centralized organizations. He always supported the development of decentralized communities, especially for nonprofits. In January 2019, David Arnett received an important donation from the DAO community and then formed a core technical team. In December 2019, he also won the support of the venture capital firm Capstone Partners. The team members are now spread across several countries on the five continents.

In February 2020, META X DAO released its first round of public funding plan, received strategic investments from igment, HashKey Capital and other investment institutions, and began its global strategic deployment. After nine months of development, META X DAO officially started the project with the clear goal of building it into one of the DAO organizations with the largest ecological user carriers in the world and creating an open financial and decentralized tokenization economy.

META X DAO is now going one step further in its decentralization efforts. It has eliminated the dependency on central operators and ensured fair access for all users to the public infrastructure. Approvals and decentralization are not required in the governance of META X DAO products. META X DAO rejects all centralized monopoly behaviors caused by fundamental interventions and builds a resilient and organic community that is governed and built by the participants.

META X DAO has leading advantages and its chains are transparent, open and publicly managed. It is an internet native organization that makes a great contribution to future work. Contributors from five continents develop new processes and products to coordinate global work. META X DAO can provide entrepreneurs with access to decentralized tools and capital without the expense of a traditional organization.

META X DAO positions itself as one of the DAO organizations in the world with the largest ecological user vectors. It’s a collection of contributors. Over time, participants will show their identities and get rich on the platform. META X DAO visions and missions are driven by token holders, contributors and community leaders.

We are firmly convinced that META X DAO could become the biggest breaking point in the digital sector in 2022.

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