Blockchain technology is an important innovative technology of the 21st century. It is a distributed ledger of digital assets, the cornerstone of building a value internet and a new engine driving the development of the sharing economy. With the growing blockchain market and the introduction of increasing issuance of cryptographic assets, the market value of cryptocurrencies around the world once reached a maximum of 600 billion US dollars,

The Super Cultural Chain SCY (Super Cultural Industry) aims to build a blockchain world connectivity platform, with a super community for data interaction, a cultural industry chain (SCY) with a focus on blockchain technology and real economy applications, docking culture, entertainment, film and television , Shopping mall, tourism and other ecological areas, application content include copyright traceability, art auctions, trade and monitoring of advertising materials, film and television production management, film and television information and crowdfunding management platform main network to cover the entire ecological application of the entire SCY to enhance. It is SCY’s goal to become the largest data interaction and interaction center and the unlimited interaction platform of the blockchain super community and to realize the value of data ownership.

As a platform for innovation, distribution and connectivity, SCY will build an open, collaborative, distributed, unlimited fusion trust ecosystem, an interconnectivity system based on blockchain / distributed ledger, combined with a distributed multi-dimensional identity authentication system, distributed point-to-point trusted value creation system for the implementation of chain and chain connections, chain and centralized connections and sub-chain and value chain connections, establishment of a trust base system for cross-border and unlimited distributed community interaction, provision of a complete underlying technical basis and trustworthy data basis for all types of distributed DApp services, Network the blockchain world, all kinds of applications in different industries can cross-border, limitless community interactions against the background of a large database of trust networks, recognize the value of total trust data circulation of the global blockchain!

SCY is co-initiated by the US International Innovative Business Foundation Foundation together with many institutional investors and institutions domestically and universities, Registered in Denver, USA, Registered in August 2020, Participation of the Desschard family, Digital assets to solve the pain points and difficulties of the current Real economy through blockchain technology, through the blockchain-based technology and culture industry approach, combined with several application scenarios, use of an operating mechanism “multi-chain coexistence, cross-chain fusion”, in order to provide users and companies with more advanced, convenient and efficient Circulation of certificates and trading experience, building a new generation of practical ecological service networks based on the blockchain mechanism with high consensus.

The SCY will also be based on the Internet platform and the Internet of Things platform (IoT). Based on the underlying technology of the blockchain. With a decentralized big data platform, point-to-point transactions realize the internet of everything about the internet of things, tracing back to the source of goods, data can be subordinated to solve the problem that the internet data can be replicated indefinitely , Realization of a decentralized trust, independent of third parties, use of data to ensure that transactions are not rejected, point-to-point cross-chain cross-local cross-domain value transfer is realized, combined with data assets and the rights and interests by companies and consumers, Extensive Shared Value can be formed, Share the traffic, Exchangeable equity, Data process docking and pattern complementarity, Create a credible, open, common, cooperative, collaborative multi-level and multi-dimensional business ecosystem for the digital economy!

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