On June 23 (Argentina time), family members of the late legendary soccer player Maradona and the company Sattvica held a press conference in Buenos Aires to announce the formation of the Maradona Association. Maradona’s sister, Rita Mabel Maradona, was appointed chair of the association.

As an important cooperation partner of this event, Statter Network was represented at this press conference in Argentina.

The collaboration between the Maradona association and thestatter network began with the association’s foray into Web3. According to Chairman Rita Mabel Maradona, the club aimed to build a global Web3 community for fans and digitize the Maradona brand figure for permanent storage in order to influence more young sports fans.

At the press conference, the host presented the club’s work plans. She said that the association will use blockchain technologies to set up the Maradona Metaverse Museum, issue digital NFTs, develop the sports planet DAPP and organize other events closely related to Web3.

statter Network is the first public blockchain capable of providing comprehensive services for Metaverse. As a key technological supporter of Maradona Web3, Statter has entered into a strategic partnership with the Maradona association. Both parties will work together on many key aspects such as technologies, community building, etc. In the future, the club could develop multiple applications in the ecosystem of the Statter network and bring together Maradona’s fans and sports fans to further improve the ecosystem.

The Maradona Association’s collaboration with Statter Network demonstrates the development team’s commitment to the Metaverse and the sports business. By collaborating with leading IPs in the industry, Statter is strengthening its public blockchain brand globally. These efforts lay a good foundation for the public blockchain to enter the sports market and attract more top-level sports IP. They also show thatstatter has absolute confidence in his expertise in metaverse technologies.

Statter’s mainnet was officially launched in April and testing was completed at the end of June. During this time, the network ran stably and the mainnet hashrate gradually grew.

The STT economic model is considered a role model in the public blockchain due to its good design. For example, production is reduced by 25% annually. Its destruction mechanism and its mining and staking mechanism effectively regulate the amount of currency in circulation and its increase. According to the official website, the employment rate of Statter is currently close to 40%. As the hashrate increases, the rate will continue to increase.

At a press conference for Wall Street earlier in the year, Statter Network won the support of many financial institutions. This time, by collaborating with the top IP Maradona, Statter again successfully uses technologies in ecology. The sports NFT industry has recognized their abilities and a great metaverse blueprint is taking shape. The support of the global community is essential. There’s still a long way to go, butSTATTER believes that time is luck’s best friend.

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