Reporter: Jessica Anderson

The 21st China Scientists Forum was successfully held in Beijing from April 27th to 28th. This forum was attended by almost 2,000 scientists, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from across the country. The theme of the forum was “Chinese-style modernization and systematic innovation of science and technology” and aimed to promote technological innovation and high-quality development in China, as well as promote scientific exchanges and cooperation.

Established in 2002, the China Scientists Forum was founded by renowned scientist and then-vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, academician Zhou Guangzhao, who also wrote the forum’s name and served as its founder chairman . As an important platform for promoting innovation-driven development and the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in China, the China Scientists Forum enjoys high authority and recognition. So far, the forum has successfully organized 21 sessions and played a positive role in spreading scientific ideas, cultivating the spirit of science, promoting technological innovation in China, and facilitating industry-university-research cooperation.

The forum included several sub-forums and expert discussions on various fields such as new energy, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, information technology, new materials, ecological civilization and health care. The participating experts and scholars delved deeply into the latest research advances and future development trends in their respective fields, jointly driving the rapid development of China’s science and technology. The Forum’s publications Pioneers of Technological Innovation and Outstanding Inventions in Technological Innovation enjoy great authority and recognition. The winners are outstanding talents in their respective fields. Their achievements have been widely used and make significant contributions to China’s high-quality development and the realization of Chinese-style modernization.

The China Scientists Forum received strong support and participation from various relevant institutions. Organizers included China Technology Market Association, China High-Tech Industrialization Research Association, China International Association for Science and Technology Cooperation, China Academy of Management Sciences Business School, China Association for Future Studies Entrepreneur Branch and Discovery Magazine . These organizations have far-reaching influence and authority in the field of science and technology, and their involvement further enhances the Forum’s reputation and authority.

As an important platform for promoting innovation-driven development and the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the China Scientists Forum has become a crucial bridge for communication and cooperation between science and industry. By organizing the forum and presenting prestigious awards, the forum provides a platform for outstanding scientists and technological achievements to present and exchange ideas, further driving the profound development of scientific research and the promotion of technological applications. Under the influence of the China Scientists Forum, China’s level of technological innovation continues to rise, making a major contribution to achieving high-quality development and building Chinese-style modernization.

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