On December 13, Cycling around Sichuan · The 2022 Ya’an International Road Cycling Race “Around the Ancient Tea Horse Road” (hereinafter referred to as the “Road around Ya’an”) opened in Yucheng District, Ya’an City. Then the Yucheng phase officially began.

The opening ceremony

Peng Yingmei, Deputy Secretary of CPC Ya’an Municipal Committee and Mayor, Cheng Jing, Deputy Director of Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau, Zheng Huyong, Deputy Mayor of Ya’an Municipal People’s Government, Sun Lianbin, Deputy Secretary-General of China Cycling Association, Li Yi, director of Industry Department of Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Sports, Huang Tesheng, vice chairman of Sichuan Cycling Association, Zhou Wanping, secretary of party leadership group and director of Ya’an Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and vice secretary of CPC Yucheng District Committee District Chief Chen Jianwei and other executives attended the opening ceremony and start the race.

The first battle of Tour round Ya’an begins in the rain

Light rain, temperature 5 ℃, south wind at level 2, this is the Yucheng stage weather. After the last session, this “Round Ya’an” starts for the second time at the first station of Yucheng. The Yucheng stage is also the first stage of nearly 100 kilometers among the eight stages of Ya’an throughout the region.

speed and passion

Cycling elites from top teams from across the country started from Ya’an Culture and Arts Center and ran along the Qingyi River in the rain and wind. Chasing the wind over a distance of 80 kilometers in a single lap of 8 kilometers and 10 laps, they presented a high-level cycling competition for the people along the coast and the audience watching the live broadcast. After almost two hours of tough competition. In the end, Zhang Weiyi of iGPSPORT-Ruibao team won first place on the Yucheng stage and won the first single-stop champion of the “Tour Round Ya’an” in 2022. Hu Zhichao of CCN-Ruibao team and Xia Wei from Maijin Technology- The Slipstream team followed close behind, winning second and third place respectively in the Yucheng stage.

From left to right are runner-up Hu Zhichao, Master Zhang Weiyi, and runner-up Xia Wei

Witness the competition upgrade, masters and apprentices fight for honor

“In this competition, our Sichuan Agricultural University cycling team sent 10 teachers and students to participate. When the international cycle race comes to our hometown, we will do everything we can to learn from excellent riders and improve our level of competition. Yang Li, the instructor of the Sichuan Agricultural University cycling team, who participated in the Tour round Ya’an for the third time this year, said he has been following the event since the first Tour round Ya’an. 2020 and has reached his personal goal.

Hu Hao (right first) and the Sichuan Agricultural University teammates

Not only that, in the Yucheng phase of this competition, Hu Hao, who won 8th place, was his favorite student. In the past two years, local cyclists in Ya’an, represented by Yang Li and Gong Linlang, have made their mark in many influential cycling competitions across the country, winning individual and group championships in many national cycling competitions.

Promote national fitness and promote the upsurge of events and culture and tourism

“In the cold weather of 5 ℃~6 ℃, the distance of 80 kilometers is less than 2 hours, which is equivalent to driving from Yucheng and driving to Chengdu at the same time.” The audience commented on Mr. Li to the friends.

Mr. Li is a keen cyclist and has opened a bicycle shop in the Yucheng District. Mr. Li said that many people in Yucheng have become enthusiastic about cycling in the past two to three years since the “Ya’an Tour” was held. “We played around in Yucheng and the surrounding scenic spots on the ancient Sichuan and Tibet Road, the Binjiang Olympic Sports Park in Caoba Town, the Daxing Second Bridge and the 1869 Panda Ecological World. Along the way, we found that more and more drivers were being attracted to Ya’an,” said Mr. Li.

It is understood that in recent years, Yucheng District has made efforts to promote the integrated development of culture, sports and tourism. With the help of influential events such as “Ya’an International Road Cycling Race Along the Tea-Horse Ancient Road”, “International Panda City · the Tea-Horse Ancient Road”, “China Outdoor Walking City Points Ranking Race (Ya’ an Yucheng -Station)”, a good pattern of coordinated development of tourism promotion through competition and the integration of culture, sports and tourism has been realized.

Sprint down the side of the Qingyi River

Next, Yucheng District will actively bid for the construction project of the National Water Sports Competition and Training Base on the Qingyi River. Yucheng District, relying on the construction of Nuwa Square Panda Green Island Park, Zhou Gong River Wharf and Ya’an City Reception Hall, will hold the competition and training of national and provincial water sports such as rowing, kayaking and dragon boating. At the same time, water sports and leisure projects will be launched to greatly enhance the brand of dragon boat competition on the Qingyi River in Yucheng District, promoting the deep integration and development of Yucheng culture and sports tourism.

Accurate implementation of measures to boost confidence in economic recovery

It is understood that this event is also the first major sporting event held in China under the new situation of optimizing the prevention and control of COVID-19, which sounded the horn of economic recovery and is of great importance to build confidence to strengthen in development. Promote sustainable economic recovery and quality development.

The excitement of watching the game in the rain remains unchanged

In accordance with the general requirements of the State and Party Committee of Sichuan Province and People’s Government of Sichuan Province on the safety of the event and accurate prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic, the organizing committee has drawn up the safety risk of the event strictly prevention and control plan, Contingency plan, disease prevention and control plan, and has established a liaison mechanism with the departments of health, public security, emergency management, meteorology, transportation and other departments, as well as the venue to effectively implement the safety measures place in the competition, travel, transition, accommodation We will our ability improve, prevent and control safety and emergency response in all aspects of nutrition and epidemic prevention and control, and ensure the safe, smooth, wonderful and successful conduct of the event.

Cycling Around Sichuan Ya’an International Road Cycling Race 2022 “Tour Round the Tea-Horse Ancient Road” is the first multi-day road cycling race in China. It is planned to build the third largest bicycle race in China after “Tour round Qinghai-Lake” and “Tour round Hainan-Island” in five years.

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