Blockchain betting platform Dexsport announced that it launched its native DESU token on the mainnet on February 11th. For a decentralized project, the launch of its own token liquidity pool is always a huge step forward. This event also had a very positive impact on Dexsport’s business: the total liquidity pool on the platform has grown fivefold and now stands at more than 500 thousand dollars. The platform also increased the number of its users to 2500 in less than a month. Today, Dexsport has no analogs on the market and has a great potential to change the betting industry.

About Dexsport

Dexsport is a project that aims to change the betting market so that earnings on it become permanent for its participants, who will no longer have to depend on the mercy of bookmakers for the payment of their winnings. They no longer need to undergo complex identity verification procedures to receive their money. Blockchain and smart contracts are responsible for 100% payment of earnings.

Today, the market of betting platforms is occupied by monopolists. These big players control the industry and do everything to ensure that as few players can get their winnings. At the same time, the industry itself is growing at a gigantic pace, as during the pandemic, most of the world’s population was forced to stay within the walls of their homes and look for new sources of income.

Dexsport offers an answer to the market’s problem by introducing technologies such as blockchain, DeFiand NFT into betting. Thanks to the rapidly evolving Play to earn (P2E) model, players now have the opportunity to earn a real income, and the blockchain allows them to verify every transaction, making the game process transparent. On Dexsport, you can bet on sports, P2E, predictions, P2P exchange rates, and collect NFTs.

DESU Token and Liquidity Growth

Dexsport is a decentralized betting platform where users play with a shared liquidity pool, and smart contracts automatically award winnings. At the end of 2021, the platform launched its own $DESU token. The token’s purpose is to become a native token of the upcoming blockchain, designed to ensure the accuracy of betting odds and the transparency of the platform’s mathematical model.

the launch of DESU betting pool has boosted the platform’s development, and in less than 2 weeks, its liquidity pool grew fivefold. the $DESU token is already tradable on PancakeSwap other KangaExchange. The $DESU pool is updated in real-time and provides users with the opportunity to bet not only in BUSD tokens but also in DESU. $DESU holders are eligible for bonuses and privileges with early access to new sporting events.

The liquidity pool with near-instant ensures all payments on the platform settlements. All the necessary information uncovering the Token Utility is available on the official website in the Tokenomics section. Please, forward your questions directly to Dexsport official Telegram group or email [email protected]

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