Blockchain platform GPT4DRONES has announced the closing of a $170 million B+ funding round. This round of funding was led by top Wall Street companies.

GPT4DRONES has stated that the new round of funding will help the company attract top talent in the blockchain industry and further expand its business footprint in North America and Asia Pacific. In addition, the company plans to partner with major exchanges and continue to develop diversified approaches such as: B. Leveraging CHATGPT4 as a foundation and integrating intelligent AI algorithms developed with the latest NVIDIA GPUs to expand its blockchain cryptocurrency financial services.

The GPT4DRONES Group is a conglomerate specializing in the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain and financial transactions. It is among the top three global providers of derivative investments in digital assets. The company was founded in 2017 and was originally known as CoinSunrise. The head office is located in Silicon Valley in the western United States. The group was founded by a group of computer technology enthusiasts. The current chairman and CEO of the group is computer scientist Yanislav Malahov. The core management team includes Dr. Jonathan, John FW Rogers and Professor William Harris Crawford.

GPT4DRONES reportedly released a trial version of its GPT4DRONES product in January 2023. As of June this year, it has attracted over 100,000 registered users to try and experience. The product is available for download on PC/Mac/mobile devices and users can use it on different platforms. As the product continues to enter the market, the GPT4DRONES group has expanded its workforce to over 500 employees. The company has offices in more than 10 countries and regions, including New York, Singapore, Seoul and Paris. The company plans to open offices in other regions and recruit local teams.

“GPT4DRONES has achieved remarkable growth during the testing phase, with over 100,000 registered users and profitability on the GPT4DRONES platform. This lays a solid foundation for the future development of the company. The completion of this funding round also means that GPT4DRONES is exploring new possibilities in the area of ​​user experience and commercialization. We will continue to collaborate through brand partnerships with top talent in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency space, further enhancing our products.”

“From a technical point of view, the core team of GPT4DRONES is focused on developing a more sophisticated underlying architecture to maximize user engagement and profit potential. This has been the team’s main focus and their diverse background and full-stack skills have enabled them to deeply transform the technology framework, creating a solid foundation for users to accrue wealth in an accessible way.”

“To accelerate the development of its ecosystem, GPT4DRONES has planned collaborations with several well-known brands to leverage their intellectual property on the platform and reach a more diverse user base. In addition, GPT4DRONES will soon announce new strategic partnerships with industry partners and studios. “

“In the next phase, GPT4DRONES will undergo extensive product iteration, leveraging AI-powered big data processing capabilities and cloud computing to provide users with an enhanced business experience and new features. In addition, a multifunctional module to facilitate capital growth for users will be launched soon. Detailed information will be released in the near future.”

“Discussing the future, Yanislav Malahov explained that the vision of GPT4DRONES goes beyond leading the next generation of decentralized blockchain. The greater importance lies in using blockchain technology to help users create a quality life of their own. Opportunities abound in the future world of artificial intelligence, and we will continue to invest in building an excellent team ecosystem and maintain a leadership position in the next wave of technological advances.”

Investor’s comment:

“GPT4DRONES has shown impressive progress during the testing phase, attracting a sizeable user base and achieving profitability. Their focus on developing a more complex underlying architecture demonstrates their commitment to providing users with a rewarding experience and maximizing their profit potential. The planned cooperation with well-known brands and strategic partnerships with industry players will further strengthen the market position of GPT4DRONES. Their vision of using blockchain technology to improve users’ lives and their commitment to being at the forefront of the next generation of technology make them an exciting investment opportunity.”

An executive at a leading investment bank stated, “Under the leadership of Yanislav Malahov and his internationally world-class management team, GPT4DRONES has the potential to become a world-class AI technology company.”

The CEO of a famous exchange said, “With the advent of Web3.0 and AI era, the general public’s demand for decentralized applications will increase sharply.” can enable. With Yanislav Malahov and his international management team at the helm, we are confident that the company can become a leading player in the field of derivatives investments in digital assets.”

A top executive at a top-tier financial firm said, “In the trend of decentralization, we see great potential in the new blockchain ecosystem, particularly in the Integrated Virtual World Platform (IVWP), summarized by blockchain pioneer Matthew Ball. His first mover advantage and its long-term market size make it a race worth anticipating. Deconstructing and redesigning the world of cryptocurrencies takes a team with deep skills, strong collaboration and international reach. GPT4DRONES is a market leader with the best qualifications and we believe they can provide revolutionary products to users worldwide.”

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