The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, which has been highlighted particularly well over the past year. The typical case is this week’s market volatility: the BTC briefly fell below $19,000 early this week and fell to its lowest level since mid-June, before rising 10% to $21,268.25 on Friday, the biggest gain since July 19!

In the cryptocurrency market, where bitcoin stands for as a token, even a 1% rise or fall means a price change of nearly hundreds of dollars.

With this high volatility, some investors tend to find venture capital projects in volatile markets to obtain high profits; While for mature traders, they are more concerned with seeking low-risk places in volatile market markets, so liquid, safe and stable exchanges become their first choice.

The head effect is obvious, and Batex has become a leading global blockchain digital encryption trading platform

The speed of change in the cryptocurrency market is amazing! But because of the security and technical problems, make the early cryptocurrency market chaos, hackers unscrupulous attack encryption network, to steal the assets of private investors, even in the line do better trading platform, there are industry standards and regulation, cannot prove the platform itself assets security and business security, technology is difficult to ensure the security of users and block chain technology, these problems for block the healthy development of chain industry. With the improvement of the industry, the cryptocurrency trading industry has seen extensive consolidation, and uncompetitive exchanges have had to exit. According to incomplete statistics, since 2019, more than thousands of exchanges, large and small, have chosen to stop operating,

The closure of third-tier and fourth-tier cryptocurrency exchanges has led to a rapid rise in the market share of top cryptocurrency exchanges, and the “Matthew effect” of cryptocurrency exchanges is becoming more and more obvious. In its report, CryptoCompare said: ” As the industry matures, we expect oligopolies in trading volumes, as their attractiveness will accelerate and smaller players will be left behind.

Batex is a founded in 2018, headquartered in the United States, after four years of precipitation, Batex has become one of the most reassuring investors trading platform, according to the white paper, Batex by March has raised more than $100 million, has rich derivatives encryption currency exchange, provide global users with bitcoin, Wright coin, ethereum and other digital assets of spot and contract trading. Has a variety of investment types, such as currency transactions, perpetual contracts, mining machines and new share subscriptions.

Batex’s market share increased steadily, and its ecological construction was accelerated:

The elements of judging a digital currency exchange are mainly reflected in the platform security, user experience, flow, capital reserve, technical ability, financial productization ability and other aspects.

Bank security level, extreme protection of user assets:

Batex has not had any safety accidents since its launch, and all its practices have been regulated. At the same time, Batex works closely with world-class banks, and we have invested 100% of our energy in protecting the security of user assets on the platform.

Fast trading makes high-frequency worry-free:

The Batex’s matchmaking engine technology, which can handle comfortably completed transactions per second, with an average delay of less than 500 milliseconds. Its three major advantages are mainly: strong to abnormal performance, full compatibility of various order types, contract function support.

Super liquidity, let the trading worry-free:

Batex has good liquidity, trading depth and trading liquidity, and has achieved good results in professional evaluation websites.

Two API’s to meet your transaction requirements:

  1. WebSocket API: A complete pub / sub API, table difference by WebSocket. You can subscribe to any real-time changes in the available tables.
  2. API Explorer: We provide a comprehensive REST API, covering certification, market data, account management, transactions, etc. Our interactive API Explorer demonstrates its full functionality.

According to the industry report, affected by the falling price of cryptocurrencies, the spot trading volume of the global cryptocurrency trading market has decreased significantly, while the trading volume of cryptocurrency derivatives does not change significantly. Batex is one of the few exchanges in the market that support both cryptocurrency spot and derivatives trading, and has maintained rapid growth in the spot market. According to the white paper, Batex’s future contracts will have a great advantage and stand out from many trading platforms. In addition, in Batex, a separate new cryptocurrency subscription module is set up, in which users can invest with one click and enjoy the investment of high-quality assets.

In addition to the above reasons, the acceleration of ecological construction also enables Batex to maintain enough competitiveness in the market, including GameFi ecology, public chain ecology, and NFT ecology. This also gives users more options in investing in assets.

Recently, according to the official display, Batex is opening the new “5 + 5” marketing activity around the world. This activity has a positive effect on Batex, and its support is also unprecedented. The specific activities are as follows:

Activity Date: 09.12-09.18

Both parties shall complete the real-name authentication

Invite friends to complete the platform minimum 50USDT recharge

Invitees and invitees can enjoy the 5USDT transaction capital presented by the platform (withdrawal)


Crypcurrency exchanges have entered an oligarchy era, and competition is equally fierce. While maintaining its own healthy development, how to make the market better is particularly important to explore the incremental users of digital currency. Batex, with its vision of becoming one of the world’s largest regulated cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges, is committed to becoming a powerful catalyst for change in the financial services industry.

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