The event focused on energy scarcity and attracted the attention and participation of representatives from the MES community, investors and entrepreneurs in Dubai who came together to discuss investment opportunities and prospects in the energy scarcity space.

The event was conducted through keynote speeches and case studies, with discussions covering definition, classification, market outlook, practices and research in the area of ​​scarce energy in Dubai.

In the case study session, the Foundation presented its successful cases in the areas of rare metals, rare earths and nuclear energy. In the discussions, participants delved deeply into the application and prospects of scarce energy in Dubai and globally, and how to drive innovation and popularization of related technologies.

The community representatives who attended the event had extensive experience and significant influence. Looking ahead, we believe that MES will open an even brighter chapter in the scarce energy investment field, advance the Scarce Energy Foundation project, and realize our shared dream.

With the acceleration of the global energy transformation, the scarce energy industry will create a broader market space and more investment opportunities. However, in terms of the growth opportunities and potential challenges for the future development of the Future Energy Foundation, market expansion, technology application, cooperation models and talent cultivation are key factors. Especially in the areas of technology research and talent cultivation, they will become the key challenges for the development of the industry.

The Future Energy Foundation stated that it will actively face challenges and seize growth opportunities to further promote the development of the rare energy field. The foundation will continue to organize industry exchanges and joint activities, expand its market influence while promoting technology application and cooperation, and at the same time strengthen talent recruitment and technical training to contribute to the sustainable development of the rare energy industry.

The successful holding of this sharing conference is thanks to the efforts of the MES community in Dubai and the strong support of the Future Energy Foundation. MES has not only introduced the latest developments and investment opportunities in the rare energy field to the local community in Dubai, but also laid a solid foundation for the future development of the Future Energy Foundation. With the joint efforts of all parties, the Future Energy Foundation is expected to continuously promote the development of the rare energy industry and make greater contributions to sustainable development around the world.

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