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Education is the foundation of the people and the strategy of rejuvenating the country. It is the cornerstone of social progress and carries the hope of a country’s future development and progress. With the in-depth advancement of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data, the education industry has been greatly affected, which has a great impact on teaching, teaching research, and educational administration.

The traditional education industry uses technology to seek change, and new educational institutions also rely on technology as the cornerstone of development. Regarding the relationship between education and technological development, Ms. TAM Lai Man, a top scientific research expert in China’s smart education industry, has her own unique insights. She believes that no matter how technology develops, the purpose and purpose of education remain the same, which is, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and developing their individuality. In the traditional education industry, the cost of teaching is huge, but the quality of teaching cannot be improved, and students are submerged in repetitive and meaningless teaching models. However, on the premise of not changing the concept of human-led teaching, applying high-tech such as big data, UML, cloud computing, ASP technology, genetic algorithm, artificial intelligence, etc. to the teaching mode and teaching method, the contradiction can be easily resolved.

As an industry elite, Ms. TAM Lai Man has always been committed to the research and innovation of “smart” educational technology. In the process, she has solved many industry pain points and difficult problems through her scientific research achievements, and her industry contribution has been unanimous in the industry. For example, the “UML-based intelligent cloud platform education management information system” developed by Ms TAM Lai Man has solved the conflict between the emerging technology and the traditional education model just mentioned.

“UML-based intelligent cloud platform educational administration information system” includes a teaching training plan management subsystem, a student status management subsystem, a course scheduling and teaching resource management system, an educational affairs information release, delivery and submission system, and a transaction processing system. Personnel involved include students, teachers, academic staff, etc. Its core advantage is that we can draw the data flow diagram of the educational administration system through investigation and research. Data flow diagram is a logical model that can comprehensively describe the educational administration information system. It completely abandons the specific material, leaving only the flow, processing and storage of data, and can link various business processing processes in the information to form a whole, with high abstraction and generality. It mainly expresses the relationship between external entities, data flow, processing and data storage with special symbols, which is the key premise of system design. Through this system, users can conveniently add, modify and delete teacher information; student information and student grade data, and can also query student data and grades. In addition, the addition and deletion of users is also very convenient. The educational administration system is a typical information management system (MIS), which can realize the overall planning of teaching resources (students, teachers, classrooms), evaluate the teaching quality, formulate teaching plans, check the teaching progress, and provide the school’s educational staff with the management of educational affairs.

“UML-based intelligent cloud platform educational administration information system” has achieved great success after its release, and many schools have introduced the system to solve the long-standing educational problem. For example, the use of the educational administration information system can replace the manual transmission of documents in the original system, reduce labor costs and save money, and can greatly improve the acquisition of information, shorten the information processing cycle, plan teaching resources, improve student information, and timely feedback teaching information. Utilization, so that the teaching quality to a higher level. Many teachers and teaching staff who have used the system have said that the teaching management information system developed by Ms. Tan is simple to operate and easy to understand. It only needs to be familiar with and get started quickly, and the teaching staff of the school’s teaching management office and related teachers can operate it. , the operating environment requirements are low.

In fact, this is just one of the many outstanding achievements of Ms. TAM Lai Man. In addition, she has also carefully developed outstanding technical achievements such as “Intelligent Cloud Question-making Management System Based on ASP Technology and Genetic Algorithm” and “Multi-platform Intelligent Test Paper Management and Score Analysis System Based on Big Data”. At present, this series of technical achievements are highly respected by the industry and have been applied in many well-known educational institutions and schools, and have achieved excellent application results. Industry experts pointed out that Ms. TAM Lai Man’s research and development achievements are very advanced, providing new ideas for the development of future education models, and playing a good demonstration and leading role in technology application.

As an innovative, enterprising and hard-working outstanding scientific research expert in the new era, Ms. TAM Lai Man has a strong sense of mission to promote the development of science and technology and lead the progress of the industry. “The development of modern technology has brought more convenience and more possibilities to our production and life. Ms. TAM Lai Man believes that the emerging new technologies and new methods in the future will continue to deepen the changes in educational models and educational methods. As an outstanding scientific research expert in the industry, she will also do her best and not forget her original intention.

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