According to official news, TOM (Noah’s Ark) has ushered in a major positive. First State Asia Growth Fund officially invested in MetaDao-TOM, decentralized social networking on the chain, and TO-Moon will be launched soon.
TOM is led by the First State Asia Growth Fund. It is jointly built with the Armonia public chain and the BSC double chain as the bottom layer. The Armonia public chain provides technical service support, and TOM (Noah’s Ark) is the application ecological token of MetaDAO. MetaDAO is the world’s first DAO decentralized social platform based on the web3 concept. It is a web3.0 social ecosystem created by the Armonia public chain to achieve the ultimate goal of providing secure and private social networking in the WEB3.0 era, and to empower APLINK to aggregate ecological traffic platforms. , Realize a variety of metaverse scene applications (such as metaverse image NFT, Dapp embedding, etc.) to better serve global blockchain users.

In the social platform of the Web3.0 era, people will have absolute autonomy over their social data, which is a completely decentralized way of socializing. The biggest difference between Web3.0 and Web2.0 is that Web3.0 has changed the ownership and flow of data production materials.

As an important part of Web3.0, the decentralized social platform of the MetaDao-TOM chain will return the means of production to the real producers in a “decentralized” way, thereby changing the social production relationship. Among them, the combination of decentralized social networking and finance can break the monopoly platform and create a new DAO autonomous model in the wave of the global digital economic system.
TOM will fully integrate APLink’s resource advantages, regional advantages, service advantages, team advantages and brand advantages, which not only indicates that TOM’s own development has entered a new stage, but also reflects TOM’s deep cultivation of social integration and scale development on the decentralized chain operate. TOM combines various social tools and elements, divides and integrates business formats, reconstructs social networks, and builds an information flow system. At the same time, TOM will shape the multi-faceted integration of business circles such as fan economy and online and offline communication circles based on social link IP, and establish a new DAO autonomous management model with multi-format integration.
TOM core advantage
Strong endorsement
To Moon is the first equity certificate of Armonia public chain APlink ecological MetaDdao. It is fully managed by DAO, realizes decentralized social networking, and truly serves global blockchain users.
Ecological perfection
1, Meta Balance (decentralized OTC)
2, NF Tone trading platform
3, Xchain (cross chain)
4, Apollo (the world’s top digital asset management platform)
5, AP linking (equity certificate contribution)
track blue ocean
TOM is based on Armonia’s unique Mate dao core architecture, making it in the current blockchain industry track: Sociafi and 3D virtual human identity and digital industry have more unique advantages, and can realize the stable landing of real economy + digital economy and long-term surgery!

TOM will be warmed up around the world, and at the same time, the layout of Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Japan, France, South Korea and other countries, 120 communities will be carried out at the same time.
TOM adheres to the concept of decentralization of blockchain technology, based on community strength and user interests, and gradually transitions to a fully autonomous community-based digital asset integration ecosystem. The TOM community adopts a global distributed collaborative office, brings together all parties with obvious advantages and the same concept, implements the values ​​of decentralization, and achieves sharing, sharing and co-governance with the community and users.

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