In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of the digital economy and the maturity of new generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, DeFi has emerged and continues to evolve due to its lower operational costs, faster execution efficiency and high operational transparency. Demand for investments in artificial intelligence and decentralization has also increased worldwide.

This era is full of opportunities and challenges. As a technology research and development institution focusing on smart contract algorithms and AI transactions, TXNBOT began investing in MEV R&D in 2020, and officially carried out the internal operation of automated transactions in May 2022. After making more than 5 million successful transactions with a profit, TXNBOT decided to enter the market.

In April 2023, TXNBOT was officially launched and received an MSB license from the United States of America in July 2023. With this, TXNBOT became the world’s first market-oriented platform for MEV technology and made MEV a project that everyone can participate in.

TXNBOT always adheres to MEV technology as the core, adheres to the concept of “technology-driven development”, and provides customers with high-quality MEV arbitrage agreements.

The projected monthly return on investment is between 15-30% and an additional commission of 10-45% is paid to community builders.

It is important for crypto enthusiasts to know what MEV is: Miner Extractable Value (MEV) is an arbitrage tool that detects pending miner confirmation transactions on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap/PancakeSwap. Adding and filtering transactions from a block and changing the transaction’s order block will pinch the pending hash order and force its hash order to be processed first, thereby extracting profits from it.

According to official statistics, from January 1st, 2020 to date, MEV has generated at least $900 million in profits. It is not difficult to note that MEV is developing rapidly. As mentioned in the article “Ethereum is a dark forest”, MEV will be of immense importance in the future.

As the first technical institution in the world to promote MEV in the market, TXNBOT adheres to two principles:

  1. Fairness: Sharing MEV arbitrage profits with all investors and distributing MEV arbitrage to investors according to the principle of customer investment ratio distribution.

2. Openness: The address of the MEV arbitrage contract and the hash value of each arbitrage order are published in real time in investors’ DAPP, so that investors know the source of profits and all data can be traced.

In order to build a complete DeFi smart ecosystem, TXNBON also issues robotic tokens (BOT) based on the BSC Binance Smart Chain and integrates BOT with MEV applications. Users who own BOT can activate the MEV sandwich robot through the TXNBOT system and enjoy MEV arbitrage dividend rights. We help investors free their hands and make profits without risk.

BOT Contract Address: 0xbd635082E24d0964b72080F68989a7D999999999

Therefore, TXNBOT is mainly divided into two main business segments:

1. MEV sandwich arbitrage robot: high-speed calculation and high-speed transaction methods to intercept other traders’ transaction blocks and make profits. All data can be checked and verified via a blockchain browser.

2. BOT Token

By joining TXNBOT, investors can enjoy two benefits:

1. Returns from investing in MEV robots: By investing in BOT, you can earn MEV arbitrage dividends. According to the share of personal investments in the total investments of the entire network; Dividends are paid in USDT.

2. Community Promotion Earnings: For marketing promotions, you can be rewarded with a lucrative 10-45% commission rebate on all team members’ arbitrage dividend earnings.

Joining TXNBOT is worth it. We can generate passive investment income whether you are eating, sleeping or traveling.

At the same time, TXNBOT always adheres to the development values ​​of “value investment and long-term stability”, and will build a platform for mass entrepreneurship and investment through the sharing economy development model. It is expected to offer all investors the ultimate realization of financial and time freedom.

They call it the “Perpetuum Mobile of Fortune Plan”. TXNBOT has also formulated a very clear 10-year roadmap to achieve this goal

1. Consensus Period of Members

Non-destructive MEV arbitrage allows all investors to gain external profits and build a strong consensus base.

2. BOT DAO autonomy period

Lead the 3.0 token economy, have its own application ecology, and achieve a win-win relationship between applied profits and BOT token ownership.

3. Ecological construction time with multiple applications

Based on a strong consensus among members, TXNBOT will expand more decentralized applications, comprehensively develop a decentralized finance domain to promote economy sharing, and create a decentralized ecosystem circulating BOT tokens: Consisting of MEV, investments, entertainment, commerce and other ecosystems.

We are currently in the next major structural revolution in financial services. However, the future is a digital age and an era of artificial intelligence. TXNBOT will embrace the future through continuous innovation, evolving into a global investment platform and trendsetter. Providing a long-term and stable development platform for entrepreneurs and individual investors.

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