Over 5,000 participants: Key insights from the SOLO Closed Beta

From April 4th to April 23rd, 2024, SOLO launched a closed beta test with the aim of optimizing and refining its product. This initiative attracted over 5,000 participants from a global audience who were interested in exploring the innovations introduced by SOLO.

Highlighted features from the closed beta:

Staking SOL for SOLO7 Airdrops: Participants experienced first-hand the seamless process of staking SOL to earn SOLO7 tokens and appreciated the efficiency of the platform and the attractive returns on their GameFi investments.

Learn more about the SOLO staking airdrop event: https://medium.com/@SOLOverse_/solo-staking-airdrop-round-1-explained-ccad39894a54

Purchasing Badges: Users actively acquire Guild Badges, paying close attention to their potential for value appreciation as the SOLO ecosystem expands.

Guild structure: The ability to create and manage guilds was a highlight for many, as it fostered a sense of community and collaboration within the platform.

Friend Invitations for Airdrop Rewards: User engagement and interaction has been increased by the simplicity and effectiveness of this feature.

SOLO chat room: The chat room was praised for fostering real-time communication and strategy discussions and became a hub for cultivating community relationships.

War and Mining Scenario Preview: These features offered a glimpse into the future of gameplay and generated great excitement among attendees.

Throughout the beta phase, SOLO's technical team promptly addressed issues and responded quickly to user feedback on interface improvements and new gameplay features. Their agility in implementing improvements not only improved system stability and performance, but also expanded the platform's functionalities and made it more robust and engaging for users.

The SOLO community forums were abuzz with discussions about the potential value of guild badges, strategies for inviting new members, and lively conversations in the SOLO chat room. This enthusiasm was reflected across the board, with the closed beta receiving high praise from the community, significantly increasing community engagement and participation.

Based on feedback from the closed beta, SOLO will introduce additional features that promise even more immersive experiences. The team is also preparing for subsequent open beta testing phases, open to all, to introduce these new features and further improve user engagement.

All information provided here comes directly from SOLO's official media release channels. We strongly encourage anyone interested in SOLO's ongoing development and upcoming testing to join the official SOLO community channels.

About SOLO

SOLO is a groundbreaking SocialFi and GameFi platform on Solana that creates a unique blend of gaming and social interaction. This dynamic ecosystem allows players to combine gaming skills with social engagement, providing a comprehensive experience where strategy, alliances and competitive gameplay pave the path to success and rewards.

– Website: http://www.soloweb3.world/

– Twitter: https://twitter.com/SOLOverse_

– Telegram: https://t.me/SoloVerse_Global

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