The main net of METABIT, the most remarkable new project in the Web3 world in 2023, will be launched on April 17th. It is understood that METABIT is the only public blockchain in the world that can achieve sustainable economic development throughout the lifecycle and can provide strong underlying support for the Web3 space, based on modern cryptography, communication technology and distributed computing, such as DEFI, Social, e-commerce, search and storage and other businesses.

Compared with previous technical establishments, METABIT brings the advantages of supercomputing performance, meeting the storage requirements of big data, fast consensus building, high security and compatibility, and great convenience for developers to create applications. With superior metacosmic ecology, decentralized settlement platform and value transfer mechanism, METABIT can guarantee the allocation and transfer of value, realizing the stable, efficient, transparent and risk-free operation of the economic system. In particular, the public METABIT chain has the following core advantages: high TPS of up to 100,000, supporting billions of accounts as green hubs, low energy consumption and low cost, and users can participate in mining through mobile phones, which significantly reduces costs consensus and participation threshold.

METABIT’s solutions for the encryption industry are commendable from the following perspectives:

First of all, the METABIT blockchain integrates more convenient development tools to reduce the difficulty of developers’ research and development. METABIT will continue to hold several rounds of developer competitions and financially support high-quality projects by developers. In this year’s Q2/Q3 period, the METABIT developer community will provide a more excellent developer platform, enabling more outstanding Web2 developers to quickly migrate to the Web3 world and quickly adapt to the Web3 development environment to realize the full potential of Web3 to activate Web2 world, unlock the value of all changes in the global technology ecology, and transfer more forward-looking opportunities from the developer side to the user side.

Secondly, METABIT perfectly integrates the technical logic and design ideas of Layer1 and Layer2, which provides a new paradigm for the development of Web3’s new common chain in the future. In addition, METABIT’s gas fee is relatively low, and it has ultra-high speed and expandability in the underlying technology, and there is an obvious breakthrough at the technical end. It is worth noting that METABIT skillfully combines ZK technology at data protection level to protect the privacy of users’ transactions and verifications.

In order to bring global users together and lower the threshold for civilian participation in the Web3 world, METABIT creatively designed a mobile mining model. Users just need to acquire coins dropped from the air and download the METABIT wallet to choose the contract pledge mode with an annual return of up to 20% and the ability to withdraw earnings at any time. In addition, users can also participate in node mining and get a maximum return of 100%. Node mining will stand in the way of linear allocation, so users can not only enjoy high APY, but also participate in the preservation and long process of market value in the spirit of ecological masters, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win for all parties in the Ecology.

Users are free to choose whether they want to be light nodes or authorized nodes. Users can become a light node by purchasing a cloud node in the system’s computing power construction. Users can review their incentives on the dashboard with a clear picture of their personal returns and assist in investment decisions. In addition, 50% of the gas premiums and project proceeds are distributed to the light nodes according to the corresponding share. This is an ecological model of highly empowered participants that is unique in the Web3 space.

METABIT has gained a lot of fans and attention all over the world in a short period of time. The number of Telegram users of METABIT has reached 38.1K, and 32.2K for Twitter.

BMTC’s maximum bid is 1 billion, of which 120 million for the Foundation, 100 million for the development team, 10 million for IDO, 70 million for the institutional round, 20 million for the seed round and 680 million for mining by node and staking . To put it simply, almost 70% of tokens are awarded to staking users to encourage them to participate in the ecological construction of METABIT while earning high APY. In addition, the issuance mechanism of the deflation model is adopted to ensure the future value of assets. In the IDO round, 10 million BMTC were snatched up by the majority of users. Up to now, every day there are still a large number of users who want to buy BMTC in advance, showing that the market has strong expectations and a growing consensus for the future of the project.

It is worth mentioning that in the future, BMTC will truly implement the DAO concept by applying the organization management mode of DAO to every detail of ecological management, so that every wealth holder can become the master of community and ecology, and gather wisdom and potential, energy, and let You fully appreciate the core essence of Web3 decentralization.

The future has come, METABIT with high efficiency, low threshold and great potential is the best channel for ordinary users to enjoy Web3 boom and overtake the traditional Internet players. Take the opportunity to stay ahead in the new future!

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