“Come to Muchuan. Come to the oxygen-rich resort”. On April 17, the 2023 Muchuan Cultural Tourism Promotion Action made a stage pose on the east square of Kuan Zhai Avenue. The promotion released dozens of Muchuan’s signature agricultural products. In addition, the “Muchuan Straw Dragon,” China’s national intangible cultural heritage, made its dance debut, drawing crowds across the country to take commemorative photos.

More than forty exquisite photographic works in the promotional activity showed the audience Muchuan’s culture, geographical views, customs, scenic spots and typical industries. The dance debut of the “Muchuan Straw Dragon” became the biggest highlight of promotional activities: the “dragon” first circled the east square, then drove along the west square, immediately jumped from Zhai Alley to Kuan Alley, and finally back to the starting point on the east square. The dragon dance was a real feast for the eyes of the audience.

The “Muchuan Straw Dragon”, also called “Yellow Dragon”, is a type of folk straw weaving technique popular in Muchuan. It has been said that the folk technique comes from a legend that the famous Emperor Taizong of Tang used to sleep on pillows made of straw before ascending the throne. Posterity therefore regards straw-woven dragon lanterns as an auspicious symbol and prays with the “dragon wings” for good weather for the harvest and a bumper harvest.

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