Since the birth of Crypto, exchanges have played a key role in connecting the real world with the virtual world. However, with the development of the trading market, the spot trading market has a limit visible to the naked eye, and the competition pattern of each company has been determined. At this time, Crypto are gradually recognized by the majority of investment institutions and investors, and Crypto derivatives trading has become a new battlefield that exchanges are bound to win.

The traditional financial derivatives market size of 600 trillion US dollars is much larger than the spot market (the spot market only accounts for about 12%). In contrast, if the Crypto market develops well, regardless of the growth expectations of bitcoin and other currencies, the future of the derivatives market still has a lot of room for imagination.

In the futures market where both market risk and man-made risk exist, investors with little knowledge of futures contracts are enslaved to them. So, in this case, how can users conduct futures contract transactions.

First of all, it is necessary to choose a more professional and authoritative exchange, which can reduce market risks and human manipulation risks at the same time. Secondly, to improve their professional knowledge of futures contracts, both old and newbies futures contract users should conduct training and learning of the contract system, so as to improve their trading ability and avoid asset losses.

From the perspective of product innovation, the TigerEX Fast futures is based on the Crypto market conditions, specifies a time period, guesses the price rises and falls to earn profits, so that users can more quickly recognize the fluctuations of Crypto .

Compared with other derivatives exchanges, what are the advantages of TigerEX platform?

1. A rich and complete variety of contracts

TigerEX has launched BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT perpetual, Fast futures and other varieties, 7*24 hours free deposit and withdrawal, suitable for the majority of derivatives investors to participate in trading.

2. Up to 500 times magnification of investment income

TigerEX provides a leverage configuration of up to 500 times. Investors can choose freely according to their own capital and risk tolerance. Up to 500 times leverage means flexible control of investment costs, and a small investment can get a greater return on investment.

3. Easily trade through bulls and bears

Through TigerEX’s USDT perpetual futures, traders can buy long or sell short, support transactions around the clock, and take profits at any time, regardless of bull market or bear market. TigerEX comprehensively calculates the reasonable price obtained based on the spot price and the quotations of the world’s top exchanges to ensure fair and transparent transactions.

4. International professional financial derivatives team to create leading technology

Technical support is provided by the strong lineup of the TigerEX team. At the beginning of the platform’s launch, it has built a million-level transaction matching engine per second, a large-scale brokerage-level professional counter and a market system. Proprietary powerful log management to comprehensively grasp the operating status of the system risk control module checks the account more than 10 times per second to ensure the stability and security of the system.

5. Dual mechanisms of independent asset vaults and hot and cold wallets ensure the safety of user assets

In addition to the dual mechanisms of independent asset vaults and hot and cold wallets to ensure the security of user assets, TigerEX has also established a security service system of “all-round security assessment + three-dimensional security protection + 7*24-hour expert services”.

Finally, TigerEX also reminds investors that the market is not achieved overnight, and reminds everyone to maintain rational investment and pay attention to risk control.

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