Michael Ellis, Paymaster General in the Cabinet Office, answered the UQ to the question on No. 10 parties.

He reiterates the point Boris Johnson made at PMQs yesterday when he said he was shocked by the video of the # 10 Christmas party.

The Prime Minister has been assured repeatedly that there will be no party and that no Covid rules have been broken, he says.

But he says the government recognizes the public concern and outrage about it, as it appears that the people who make the rules have not obeyed them.

He says the briefing of the investigation into Simon Case, the cabinet secretary, will be published today.

He says Case will investigate three congregations: two on Downing Street on November 27 and December 18, and one at the Department of Education on December 10.

(This is a step forward from yesterday when number 10 initially implied that only the December 18 event would be investigated. However, this also means that several other parties or party-like events would not be investigated. See here or the post at 9.28am. )

He says Case will investigate what happened at these gatherings and whether any disciplinary action is needed.

If there is any evidence of a crime, it will be forwarded to the police and the Cabinet Office investigation will be suspended.

All ministers, officials and special advisers are expected to cooperate.

The results will be published, he says.

However, details of disciplinary action relating to individuals will not be published according to the ranking.

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