Winner Medical, a top OEM&ODM advanced wound care dressing manufacturer, is set to showcase its full set of advanced wound care solutions at EWMA 2022 which is slated to run from May 23-25 ​​in Paris, France. Exhibiting at Booth No. 203, Winner Medical will display its innovative wound care products that provide optimal care for patients. Meanwhile, Winner Medical will make a new product launch of its CMC dressing products.

Winner medical to showcase AWC innovations at EWMA 2022

Winner Medical, founded in 1991, started its R&D on advanced wound care dressing since 2012 and obtained its first FDA/CE certificates in advanced wound care field in June 2013. Till now, Winner Medical masters six core technologies including foaming technology, silicone technology, antimicrobial technology, superabsorbent technology, fiber technology and bio-technology.

At EWMA 2022, Winner Medical will showcase its latest and industry-leading advanced wound care solutions such as Transparent Film Dressing, Bordered Silicone Foam Dressing with SAF and Antibiosis Series Products and its new product, the CMC dressing, will be launched during the exhibition.

Winner Medical CMC Gelling Fiber Dressing

Winner Medical CMC Gelling Fiber Dressing is a sterile, single-use dressing which is composed of sodium carboxymethylcellulose fibers for wounds with moderate to heavy exudation. The fiber in the dressing rapidly swells after absorbing the wound exudate to form a cohesive transparent gel. The gelling fiber can absorb and lock the exudate, and the bacteria and harmful substances in the exudate are also locked in the dressing, reducing the risk of wound infection and maceration, and maintaining the optimal moist healing environment. Winner Medical CMC Gelling Fiber Dressing Extra is composed of gelling fiber non-woven fabric and polyester reinforcing thread, the strength in dry and wet state is better after the suture is strengthened.

With CE Certificates and FDA 510(k) clearance, Winner Medical’s wound care products have been widely used in more than 110 countries as primary solutions to provide wound management for acute and chronic wounds resulting from diabetes, immobility and venous disease, as well as from traumatic injury, burns, invasive surgery and other causes.

Winner Medical has been committed to the wound care field for 30 years and has continuously invested in research, development and technology innovation. It’s advanced wound care products and breakthrough technologies create high-quality wound dressings, and Winner Medical will always adhere to the pursuit of “caring for health, caring for life, and making life better”.

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