History of the Castle Shopping Network

2021.03 The company’s CEO officially launched the Castle Shopping Business System service e-commerce concept

2021.07 Synced product sales with Amazon.EBAY.SHOPEE.Walmart

2022.01 Propose an agency sales plan to save 5-10% on the prices of the same products on the Castle shopping platform

2022.02 The CEO clearly proposed a policy to protect user funds. Increase merchant deposit settlement plan to make platform funds safe for users

2022.07 Proposed to complete the full work plan with the global e-commerce platform in 2024

AliExpress, Mercado Libre, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook merchants

2022.10 Official launch of the APP in the United States. The number of users exceeded 1 million in the first month

2022.12 Castle Shopping is officially promoted to global users. At present, the promotion countries have reached 30 countries and can buy products

Introducing Castle Shopping Co.,Ltd.

Headquartered in Colorado, USA, Castle Shopping is one of the world-renowned e-commerce platforms. It is an Internet technology company dedicated to software development, technology innovation and application, technology results and services and other related fields. Combining technology and data science capabilities with an innovative discovery-based mobile shopping experience, it connects millions of value-conscious consumers with more than 350 merchants worldwide to create a highly visual, engaging and personalized shopping experience for its users. Developing, providing better ecommerce platform for hundreds of millions of online shopping customers around the world

Castle Shopping tripartite win-win way to make money

The 80/20 rule in the product industry, 80% of the products perform 20% of the work and 20% of the products perform 80% of the work. There is a similar distribution among sellers, 80% of small and medium sellers account for 20% of the market share, and 20% of excellent and large sellers account for 80% of the market share. Small and medium-sized sellers are vastly inferior to large and excellent sellers in terms of capital, talent, technology and even professionalism.

Castle Shopping presents the selling concept of product popularity.

1. Merchants offer goods for sale on major platforms and allocate funds

2. Users assist merchants in purchasing products and indicate product popularity and sales volume

3. Castle Shopping collects a large amount of high security deposits and distributes the bonus system to users

Sustainable development. Achieve a win-win situation for the three parties. Every merchant needs to increase sales of popular products and has a large contract deposit. The problem of ensuring the win-win fund of the three parties. Castle Shopping has a strong customer service team providing services to both users and merchants. Let every user earn money with peace of mind

Castle Shopping Ltd. corporate philosophy

All levels of manufacturers and sellers in different countries around the world have launched different products on e-commerce platforms. Of course, to promote products faster and better, merchants can use the platform provided by Castle, which offers merchants the opportunity to sell a variety of affordable products to consumers around the world.

With the traditional form of consumption, consumers only receive consumption rights, but no consumption benefits. Consumers created value and wealth for the company, but consumers did not participate in the distribution of the company’s overall value.

Castle Shopping introduces the newest concept on the market in 2022. On the cooperative e-commerce platform, you only need to shop on Castle Shopping platform to get 5-10% discount. Castle Shopping distributes actual profits to all 50% of the market system for users

Castle shopping future planning outlook

As a world-renowned intelligent online e-commerce company, we are proud to grow and establish a global presence. We provide intelligent order management services for many of the world’s leading e-commerce companies, processing more than a million orders and product bundles every day. Castle Shopping currently employs more than 150,000 part-time online workers around the world involved in commodity transactions, and completes the fully automated and intelligent processing of orders and logistics information. as a comprehensive service platform.

Currently, 5.2 million sellers are cooperating in the four major shopping centers. Among them, 1.3 million sellers are active sellers. There are regular product shelves and service updates. At present, Chuangshi cooperates with 300,000 dealers on the lock shopping platform. These include guarantee contracts with some well-known brands. Let every user help using the APP to increase popularity and earn profit commissions and there will be no insufficient orders.

How Castle Shopping increases product sales and makes money for users?

Castle Shopping’s total revenue has exceeded $4.95 billion. There are currently tens of millions of active users in more than 30 countries around the world, and many users have purchased imported products through Castle. And got 5-10% discount. We are very proud of this

Users assist e-commerce businesses in performing product selling tasks. Ecommerce businesses can increase popularity and sales. And our users also get commissions from e-commerce companies. After completing each task, users can get 2.5%-5% discount commissions to users. Monthly income can reach 18-36%. Users don’t need to invest. The money you help sell can be fully returned to your account at any time. Each zone requires a different opening fee. You can complete tasks and get commissions every day

Castle Shopping Ltd

The address is 18204 39th Street, Seatayac, Washington, USA

Company Registration Number: 6041990192

Company founded on 11/30/2022

Founder YAN XU

Gmail: [email protected]

Company website: http://www.castleshopping.net/

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