From January 9th to 12th, local time in the United States, Changba introduced the Changba XiaoJudan, Changba Dingding Bus mini karaoke speaker and the CALF 3D VR180 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024) in Las Vegas, USA. camera and attracted widespread attention and unanimous praise.

Changba×CALF at CES represents convergence with the global technology industry. This collaboration aims to promote technological innovation through communication and collaboration and provide users with outstanding products and services.

At the CES exhibition, Changba XiaoJudan and Changba Dingding Bus mini karaoke speakers presented by Changba attracted the attention of many visitors with their unique design and excellent sound quality. They enable people to sing anytime, anywhere. Changba XiaoJudan brings an outstanding singing experience with its powerful volume and high-fidelity audio, while Changba Dingding Bus Mini Karaoke Speaker attracts people's eyes with its compact and portable retro design.

In addition, Changba introduced a number of innovative functions and application scenarios of the CALF VR camera. Visitors enthusiastically experienced the product and praised its outstanding performance and unique design. Numerous invitations to collaborate were received as participants recognized CALF's contribution to not only providing a new kind of shooting experience for consumers, but also providing new impetus to the development of the VR industry.

In addition to showcasing available products, Changba showcased an upcoming product, the upgraded CALF VR camera, which continues the powerful performance of its predecessor. Weighing just 300g, this camera offers the ultimate in portability and light weight. With superior 8K UHD video capabilities, VR180 framework for a more realistic visual experience, 200Mbps live streaming and fast connection speeds, users can share their experiences in real time, improving social interaction. Innovative filter effects offer more choices for creating artistic images, while compatibility with various VR headsets expands users' experience options.

CES not only serves as a stage for product presentations, but also as a platform for Changba to imagine the future. Looking to the future, Changba aims to explore the potential of VR technology, improve product performance, and promote widespread applications of VR technology across all industries. They are committed to actively collaborating with partners to advance the innovative development of VR technology and introduce more high-quality and powerful VR products to surprise and delight users worldwide.

Changba Music Group was founded in 2012 as a high-tech enterprise and specialized new company headquartered in Beijing, China. Changba Music Group's extensive portfolio spans various sectors, including mobile karaoke applications, smart music hardware, music distribution service Mercury, Calf 3D VR180 camera and Calf VR app. The company has a comprehensive team covering product design, software and hardware development, marketing, production, supply chain and customer service. With a combination of state-of-the-art hardware tools, robust content operations capabilities and efficient entertainment monetization capabilities, Changba Music Group has successfully positioned itself in the market.

CALF, a subsidiary of Changba Music Group, stands out as the world's first brand of 3D VR180 cameras and short videos. The company is a global market leader, providing cutting-edge 3D VR shooting, 3D VR beautification and editing technology, and 3D VR content platform services worldwide.

CALF has a store on Shopify (, where the VR camera is currently in high demand.

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