Tallahassee, California – Green Meta, the leading meta-universe platform dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality, is poised to transform the digital landscape with its breakthrough technology and economies. The highly anticipated global public beta launch of the platform on July 7 will herald a new era of sustainable digital economies and allow users to explore the seamless integration of carbon neutrality and the metaverse.

Built on the resilient Pantanal public L2 chain, Green Meta delivers unparalleled performance with its high TPS (transactions per second) and throughput capabilities. Leveraging the innovative and improved Pantanal public chain, Green Meta takes the benefits of Ethereum while introducing exclusive “parallel chain” extensions for ecological applications. These extensions enable the issuance of application-specific tokens and serve as gas tokens, sharing the consensus and governance mechanisms of the public Pantanal chain. This solid foundation forms the operational ecological map of Green Meta.

At the forefront of Green Meta’s mission is the merging of carbon neutrality and the meta-universe to drive progress in environmental sustainability within the meta-universe ecosystem. Through a carbon-neutral token economy and pioneering NFT mechanisms, Green Meta encourages users to indirectly participate in environmental conservation while earning rewards. By planting tree NFTs, users contribute to the goal of carbon neutrality and acquire unique digital assets with intrinsic value. Green Meta is a pioneer on the way to CO2 neutrality in the Metaversum and creates a sustainable ecosystem of the digital economy for its users.

In addition, Green Meta includes three major governance mechanisms: DAO governance, environmental governance, and economic governance. By implementing a DAO community incentive mechanism, Green Meta encourages community users to actively participate in the carbon-neutral ecological governance of the meta-universe. In addition, a robust economic governance system ensures lasting economic benefits for community members. The global launch of the open beta marks the beginning of Green Meta’s first phase of development, attracting global attention and broad participation.

As a platform at the forefront of digital economy and Metaversum integration, Green Meta is actively seeking partners to collaborate in shaping the future of this transformative landscape. The global open beta provides a valuable opportunity for users and partners to collaboratively shape the innovation and evolution of the digital economy and metaverse, laying the foundation for Green Meta’s four-tiered green blueprint.

In the first phase, users experience confidential, high-level identification and authentication through Distributed Digital Identity (DID) technology. By joining the Green Meta Meta Universe DAO organization, users will receive a unique digital human identity system and NFT assets, including Green Meta’s green trees and land. Users also earn carbon energy, carbon index, carbon credits, carbon rights, and other certificates, promoting deep interaction and integration in NFT, DAO, carbon neutrality, and the meta-universe.

Building on the development of the Green Meta Universe and the DAO organization, the second phase will bring together a significant number of consensus users with influential brands and community foundations. In this phase, Green Meta will introduce social scenes based on digital human interaction, engaging Web3 games, the Meta Meta Environmental Protection Academy, and global, carbon-neutral, public-benefit environmental protection initiatives. These commercial applications will drive the development of the carbon-neutral meta-economy, establish Green Meta as a leader in the digital economy era, and promote environmental protection and carbon neutrality.

In the third phase, Green Meta will build a blockchain-based enterprise CO2 data center that will enable commercial applications. The platform provides carbon data credit investigation scenarios and produces credible corporate carbon credit reports based on comprehensive carbon data management. These reports serve as a trusted assessment of companies’ low-carbon capabilities, effectively reducing carbon costs. In addition, Green Meta will launch a DEX (decentralized exchange) for digital derivatives, enabling trading of carbon assets, NFTs, carbon credits, carbon sinks and carbon financial derivatives, providing liquidity for low-carbon value.

The fourth and final phase involves Green Meta’s collaboration with organizations and regions committed to “environmental carbon neutrality”. Leveraging its community benefits, technological expertise, experience and financial capabilities, Green Meta’s New World meta-universe will deliver customized meta-universe carbon neutrality solutions based on the specific conditions of participating organizations and regions. This joint effort will advance the carbon neutral development of relevant countries and regions, ultimately improving the quality of life and the environment.

Green Meta believes that the convergence of carbon neutrality and the metaverse offers unprecedented opportunity and opportunity. Join us in building a sustainable, greener and connected future. Embrace Green Meta and become a pioneer in this new era by leading a global revolution in carbon neutrality and the metaverse.

About Green Meta:

Green Meta is a meta-universe platform focused on carbon neutrality and the integration of sustainable digital economies. Through innovative technology, economies and the power of community, Green Meta aims to create a green, sustainable future within the Metaverse. Visit https://www.greenmeta.biz/ for more information.

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