On May 19, the 14th China Tourism Day, the 2024 China International Camping Congress (CICC) was held in grand style at Danaye Little Island on Jinhua Mountain in Jinhua Shuanglong Scenic Area in Zhejiang Province under the theme “New Fairyland, New Equipment” and new way of thinking.” Sponsored by the Organizing Committee of China International Camping Congress, this event was organized by Beijing Camping Club Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. organized and supported by the Chinese Senior Sport Association, the China Youth Sports Federation and the All-China Environment Federation.

The opening ceremony of CICC 2024 was attended by representatives from 13 countries and regions including Kazakhstan, Argentina, Brazil and Nepal, delegates from 22 provinces and municipalities across China, camping designers, experts and scientists from home and abroad, members of relevant associations and renowned investment banks and companies as well as media representatives. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia and the Year of China-Malaysia Friendship. During the opening ceremony, the representative of the Malaysian Consulate General in Shanghai delivered a congratulatory message, expressing his hope for future deepening economic and trade cooperation with Jinhua, Zhejiang.

The opening ceremony held numerous activities, including the launch of the China Youth Outdoor Sports Tour and the Camping Club Global Supply Chain Equipment Trade Center, as well as the signing of contracts for the camping industry equipment trade. In particular, the first “No Littering, Beautiful Mountains” initiative to protect the mountain environment in China was launched and the first mountain camping meteorological pilot site was unveiled in the country, which impressed all participants.

“Mountains are gifts from nature, to which our heart belongs. Embracing the mountains is a way of life, while protecting the mountains is a social responsibility.” To further protect mountain ecosystems and promote civilized camping, the All-China Environment Federation, the (China) Mountain Tourism Alliance, the China International Camping Congress and the Jinhua Shuanglong Scenic Area Management Committee jointly released the “No Littering, Beautiful Mountains” initiative to the public.

Thanks to its rich camping resources and excellent natural conditions, the camping industry in Jinhua Mountains has flourished in recent years. According to a research report by the CMA Public Meteorological Service Center, Jinhua Mountain has unique meteorological conditions and is characterized by various indicators such as climate comfort, low meteorological risks, oxygen balance index and beautiful sky. With the highest proportion of days with pleasant weather all year round, it is a popular destination for camping enthusiasts. At this congress, Jinhua Mountain was officially designated as China's first pilot weather service site for mountain camping. By providing precise meteorological services to tourism, efforts are being made to improve the disaster prevention and reduction capabilities and tourism safety of the Jinhua Mountains, thereby improving the experience of visitors.

Following the opening ceremony, various sub-events were held, including the China (Jinhua) International Outdoor Camping Equipment Immersive Experience Exhibition, the China International Camping Industry High-Quality Development Research and Strategy Conference, and the China International Cutting-Edge Camping Design Award Ceremony. Competition.

During the comprehensive outdoor camping equipment experience activity at Little Island, over 100 camping brands and more than 500 product categories were showcased at independent and comprehensive stands. Guests and visitors had the opportunity to directly observe and experience the latest camping designs, products and technologies from well-known manufacturers at home and abroad.

At the China International Camping Industry High-Quality Development Research and Strategy Conference, keynote speeches were given by industry experts such as Wang Xiurong, chief meteorological services expert of the China Meteorological Administration, and Ma Muqing, dean of Beijing Qinglan Culture and Tourism Planning and Design Institute and senior tourism master planner the China Academy of Urban Planning Design. They exchanged views on the future development trends of the camping industry and the general prospects for the development of the camping industry.

The CICC is a national fitness event run by the General Administration of Sport of China. As a mature platform and provider of recreational sports and tourism services, the company has organized over 100 events nationwide and has become a leading IP in the domestic camping industry. It is committed to promoting the integration and collaboration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries and acts as an advocate and provider of a harmonious outdoor lifestyle.

The aim of CICC 2024 is to promote the modernization of camping facilities, campsites and products by bringing together innovative talents, professional channels, precise services and other elements. The establishment of Camping Club Global Supply Chain Trade Center will strengthen the new model of “Culture + Travel + Sports + Industry + Education” and further support Jinhua Mountain as a promoter of civilized camping, a camping equipment showcase and an innovative trading hub. The center is expected to integrate into Jinhua's strategic direction of “building an international center and an advanced modern city” and contribute to the high-quality development of the camping industry in the city.

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