Clixyes is at the forefront of revolutionizing digital marketing with its unique two-way conversion mechanism and extensive network of influencers and content creators. Our platform,, offers brands unprecedented opportunities to connect with global audiences, leveraging the power of both traditional and innovative digital media channels.

Two-way conversion system:

At a time when digital marketing landscapes are constantly evolving, Clixyes introduces a groundbreaking two-way conversion system, setting a new standard for brand engagement. This system complexly combines the reach of our extensive network, which includes social media influencers, chat groups, content sites, online forums, etc., with Shop Clixyes' direct customer engagement capabilities. Our proprietary platform, Shop Clixyes, features recommendations from influencers and editors and provides a marketplace for targeted ad placements to directly convert website visitors, embodying a holistic approach to digital marketing.

Our strength and media resources's impressive presence in the digital marketing space is strengthened by our extensive media assets. With over 800 collaborating brands, a network of over 400,000 social media content creators, access to over 10,000 content sites and a global audience reach of 4 billion, offers brands unparalleled opportunities to increase their visibility and influence across multiple channels and Amplify demographics across channels.

Strategic influencer collaborations

Our strategic focus on influencer collaborations is central to our success. Clixyes supports publishers and brands with professional services, extensive resources and cutting-edge technology. Our media team works closely with publishers, providing individual management and support to ensure fruitful partnerships with brands. This is complemented by our extensive portfolio of brand collaborations and advanced data analytics systems, providing advertising insights that drive strategy refinement and engagement maximization.

Empower brands with advanced solutions

For brands, Clixyes offers a triple benefit: resources, technology and service. By tapping into our global audience and leveraging our vast network of multi-channel creators, brands can significantly expand their horizons. Our sophisticated backend analytics enable brands to precisely monitor creator data, driving transparency and smarter campaign decisions. Additionally, our commitment to personalized service ensures that every brand has a dedicated point of contact to provide unparalleled support in achieving their marketing goals. is committed to transforming the digital marketing landscape through its innovative approaches, robust analytics and strategic collaborations. As we continue to break new ground in digital marketing, we invite brands and publishers to explore the countless opportunities for growth and engagement that offers.

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