League of Legends (LOL) went live on Pancakeswap on November 28, 2021. There was no private placement prior to launch. League of Legends is a strategy game that offers players real added value through blockchain technology, virtual and reality. The interaction undermines people’s mode of thinking, the virtual reality game industry has ushered in a new pattern, and the world influence League of Legends has opened up a new system of limitless game interactions.

League of Legends (LOL) and the British wealthy capital Digital Industry Development have entered into a strategic cooperation. UK Wealthy Capital Digital Industry Development can register 13694287 on the UK Business Network for information on the company’s information and high performing investment institutions. The decentralized transaction currency will enable hundreds of millions of players to leverage the platform’s decision-making power, seamless cross-chain technical support, stable technical support and an ever-improving virtual ecosystem. The League of Legends is combined with the NFT and meta-universe sectors, enables multiple interactions across platforms and issues exclusive tokens. The tokens will harness the new era of 999 scarce limited edition NFTs, and the League of Legends will create a new ecological chain system for virtual reality.

League of Legends is a volunteer alliance formed by global geeks to create a global multi-domain digital ecology. Create a phenomenon-level application platform in digital ecology.

League of Legends (LOL) contract address


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