The traditional gaming industry had seen tremendous growth over the past decade and became one of the largest industries we know today. However, as the industry progressed, some of its aspects diminished from the player’s experience as the games became more general, more difficult to scale to appeal to a large audience, and some of the fan trust in the product was lost.

However, decentralized gambling can take over the good aspects of the classic gambling industry and further improve them for the ultimate gaming experience, making crypto gaming one of the most promising sectors in this industry. To this end, KingdomX offers a unique gaming experience that is both engaging and financially lucrative through its GameFi approach that allows players to trade and acquire assets in the form of fungible or non-fungible tokens.

The gameplay

KingdomX is an Ethereum-based NFT strategy game in which players can collect heroes, master challenges and participate in wars with the ultimate goal of consolidating their kingdom through social networks and territorial development. Players can own up to four different assets from two different asset categories, fungible and non-fungible NFT tokens. The game’s two NFT components are Heroes and Lands, while the game’s fungible token components are the ERC-20 tokens KT (King Token) and KNT (Knight Token).

The three main pillars of the game are the Hero NFTs, PvP combat, and the Kings Landing Protocol. The Hero NFTs are a key asset and actively influence the development of the game.

The PvP game is the central fighting game in KingdomX and also the mechanism through which players can earn KNT tokens and reputation, which are required for generating new Hero NFTs.

The Kings Landing Protocol refers to the mechanism of issuing and destroying NFT tokens, which makes KingdomX something very special among other NFT projects. This is an ongoing in-game process that manifests itself during PvP battles when new heroes are either lost or generated using KT tokens, reputation points and lands.

The in-game assets

Heroes represent the core NFT category of the game. They are unique NFTs within 5 attribute categories and different professional skills. After the release of the first generation of heroes, players will be able to generate new heroes by either advancing the game and using tokens or purchasing heroes in secondary markets. In addition, heroes could be destroyed during combat. In this case, players would get back some of the tokens that were used to acquire the lost hero.

Countries represent the second NFT category in the game. They are a prerequisite for hero recruitment and directly influence the attributes of the hero generated. The lands can be destroyed or sold on the open market.

KT represents the game’s main token used for value transfer and community governance. Every time players recruit new heroes, they will have to exchange some tokens. Almost all of these tokens are returned to the player when a Hero NFT is destroyed. KT can also be used to purchase props or vote within the game governance system. In addition, players can also acquire KT tokens by completing in-game tasks.

KNT represents the function marker that can be used in the game, for example for leveling up heroes. They can be obtained by participating in daily activities, challenges, or PvP battles, but also through an exchange. All KNT tokens are burned after they are spent in-game.

For those interested in getting to know the project better, they can visit KingdomX’s official media platforms for the latest updates on the project.

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