In an industry often marred by issues of fairness and equity, Libra is a shining example of what can be achieved through innovative and forward-thinking technology. With an unwavering commitment to accessibility, efficiency, and security, Libra is at the forefront of decentralized commerce.

Libra Trade, the user-friendly DeFi-based trading suite, is designed to cater to traders of all levels. With two basic building blocks, Libra Trade (exchange) and Libra Trade (perpetual contracts), traders gain access to a variety of products and services tailored to their specific needs.

Global liquidity and market search engine Libra Swap is further evidence of Libra’s unwavering commitment to making trading fair and accessible to all. With its intelligent order routing system, trades are distributed across popular trading networks, minimizing slippage and ensuring traders are getting the best prices possible.

The Libra economic model has been carefully crafted to ensure fairness and balance for all participants. With a total supply of 3.1 million and an issue price of 1u, the breakdown of the token allocation is as follows: Libra share (65%), DAO autonomy (10%), recommendation pool (20%) and founding team (5% ). Tokenized assets deposited in the treasury provide liquidity to the decentralized cash exchange through Libra’s strategic contracts, which generate transaction fees and compound interest.

By depositing tokenized assets in the vault, traders can provide liquidity and earn transaction fees and profit positions for themselves or other decentralized derivatives exchanges through Libra’s strategic contracts. This fair and just system benefits everyone involved.

As the stars aligned and the moon took its place in Libra, a new era of commerce was born. Libra strives to create a decentralized trading ecosystem

where fairness and justice are paramount in everything they do. Join the Libra community and help shape the future of commerce. With Libra, the stars are in place for a fair and equitable trading experience.

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