In 2021, the NFT game is growing at an alarming rate.

In the second half of this year, the blockchain game, powered by Axie Infinity and Mir4, is becoming increasingly popular. “Axie Infinity” has a monthly income of 200 million US dollars and a cumulative trading volume of more than 1.2 billion US dollars. “Mir4” has always been Steam’s top 10 blockchain game online.

Currently, the NFT game track has aroused the interest of many investment organizations, and they have gradually participated in the NFT game. The developer Dapper Labs of the NFT game “NBA Top Shot” has funded 550 million US dollars this year; Sorare Football NFT Platform Received $ 680 Million From SoftBank; Hong Kong-based NFT game company SandBox funded $ 93 million this November …

NFT games are very much preferred by capital abroad. In the third quarter of 2021, NFT game companies funded more than $ 1 billion. There have been 117 funding events (publicly announced or closed) in the games industry totaling approximately $ 4 billion, and the funding amount from NFT / blockchain game companies exceeded $ 1 billion.

From Cryptokitties of 2017 to the current rapid popularity, the NFT game is at the turning point. At this point, dark horses appear frequently and the king has not yet been determined, a Singapore sea fishing game “The Old Man And The Sea” unexpectedly caught the attention of many organizations.

“The Old Man and the Sea” (hereinafter referred to as “OMS”) is an NFT game inspired by the novel “The Old Man and the Sea”. It combines the blockchain game world with NFT, gives new vitality to the old fishing game and brings players a brand new gaming experience. OMS has introduced many innovations including blind box, NFT, pledge mining, game mechanics managed by DAO, etc., and every player can get tokens through good gaming skills and contribution to the ecosystem.

The ultimate goal of OMS is to build a fully decentralized blockchain game world that is a decentralized and immersive world of virtual reality. OMS is a digitally-based rare crypto game, and this crypto world has overwhelming advantages over traditional game ecology: It is fair and open and consists of open source codes. Once the game is deployed, the developer can no longer control it. The DAO community will be able to review all transactions and actions without the involvement of a trusted third party.

The creators of the blockchain game OMS are veteran readers of the novel The Old Man and the Sea. The novel tells the story of an old Cuban fisherman who fights with a giant marlin far off the coast in the Gulf Stream. Although the old fish man from Hemingway is a tragedy, it shows the superhuman quality of Nietzsche. The tough guy style of cautiously accepting failure and courageously facing death reflects Hemingway’s philosophy of life and moral ideal, which means the fighting spirit of never surrendering to fate and never giving in to defeat, as well as a positive and optimistic one Attitude to life. In order to spread such a fighting spirit and an optimistic attitude towards life, the fishing game OMS was born.

At present, OMS has received great attention from world famous organizations, and has received the investments of Huaer Fund, Rock Orient, SoftBank, House Kennedy, Hong Kong Alhpa Capital, DG Capital and other famous organizations.

Now, OMS has built an ecosystem that combines NFTs, DeFi, and community-driven games. It gamifies the DeFi application, combines DeFi with games that use NFTs to form the GameFi system (integration of financial products into game ecology), and finds the best winning strategy for the users through the combination of blind box, NFT pledge mining , Prop Store and NFTfarm System.

In the post-epidemic period, we will release the first blockchain healing game in the word “The Old Man and the Sea” great to relieve the long-term pressure of the epidemic for a long time and give each player a “spiritual healing effect”. The OMS game will cure the pain of global players during the epidemic and bring them out of the haze. Dealing with depression and anxiety and healing wounded hearts is an important function of the OMS program. In all links, including scenes, stories, music, game methods, and rewards, OMS gives players a positive, relaxed, and happy vibe. In Hemingway’s novels or OMS games, the producer wants to convey the courageous and unyielding fighting spirit of the old man in the fight against fish to more people. This indomitable fighting spirit also shows that people of the world repeatedly experience rebirth in the epidemic. The birth of the OMS game, which does not reject the commercialized “free ocean”, not only solves the mental anxiety of the world’s people, but also reminds us of the unyielding spirit of humanity in the post-epidemic era.

In the near future, the blockchain-based game with real world money-making mode will flourish and become more popular in the digital age. Through the OMS game, we can see that the increasingly powerful financial market of blockchain application will spread across the world. OMS is expected to become an NFT game with strong gameplay, balanced supply and demand, and free trade.

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