Since 2017, the Wuhan Culture and Tourism Administration has continued to develop innovative ideas and measures, expand media platforms and channels, accelerate the global alignment of cultural tourism brands, continue to strengthen international communication skills, promote high quality and worldwide dissemination at a high level, and strengthen international ones Influence of Wuhan cultural tourism brand. In order to fully demonstrate the charm of Wuhan, in 2021 the Wuhan Culture and Tourism Administration deepened the integration of culture and tourism and enriched and improved the matrix of global media platforms. Leverage new global social media platforms, explore cultural and tourism content that shows international style, keep telling China’s stories, and create a rich, diverse and vibrant brand image for cultural tourism in Wuhan.

In 2021, the establishment of global social media platforms of Wuhan’s cultural tourism by creating an Instagram account based on existing Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts has taken another significant step to bring the world of Wuhan through social, news , Pictures, and video platforms. The establishment of the Instagram account not only enriched Wuhan’s media matrix, but also added new channels so that more global users can know, understand, and familiarize themselves with Wuhan and closely follow Wuhan. After almost a year of operation, the Instagram account has planned and published almost 200 themes, published almost 1,100 posts, and the content has gained 54 million reach, attracted more than 70,000 global fans and 3.6 million engagements. She has made an important contribution to increasing the global awareness of the Wuhan cultural tourism brand.

The Wuhan Culture and Tourism Administration has always attached great importance to YouTube’s content construction. Videos can express the characteristics of cultural tourism in Wuhan more intuitively and vividly, so that a global audience can discover, know and understand Wuhan through the language of the lens. In 2021, YouTube’s video content was optimized from video creativity, scripts, recordings, subtitles, etc., and a variety of high quality videos were produced. To date, 92 videos have been posted with a total of 1.34 million views. More global tourists saw the most authentic Wuhan.

With the operation of more and more global media platforms, differentiated content marketing has become crucial. Over the past year, Wuhan has produced high quality content that matches the attributes of each platform. Its aim is to make Wuhan more widely known to the global audience. At the same time, it emphasizes the arrangement and definition of topics. First, express yourself in an innovative discourse using terms that global users can understand and accept. Second, you should focus on media integration to empower the complementary benefits of new global social media and traditional media. Third, expand the channels of communication, using the traditional traditional media of the global mainstream and the global version of traditional traditional media domestically to make Wuhan heard.

In the process of improving international communication skills, the Wuhan Culture and Tourism Administration has adopted the strategy of “strengthening content construction, maintaining differentiated operations, and improving the breadth and accuracy of content coverage.” The purpose is to reinforce the continuous tracking of global users to Wuhan and maintain high interaction on the platform and make it more attractive to the users. During uptime, Instagram and YouTube’s two accounts did well in terms of interactivity, and overall interaction data was consistently industry-leading.

Since 2017, Wuhan has launched advertising on global social media with the aim of directly showing the unique culture and charm of Wuhan to global users. With the continuous development of new global social media platforms, the international promotion of the Wuhan cultural tourism brand has achieved good results. Wuhan’s accounts have become international windows for global tourists to learn about China. In the future, too, Wuhan will contribute to the image of beautiful China together with many excellent tourist cities around the world.

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