The year 2021 is the year of the cross-chain. Not only did Polkadot start a Parachain auction in November, another cross-chain brand – Taylor – will also start IMO (Initial Miner Offering). Participants can transfer 100 USDT to the Taylor IMO receiving address and receive 100 TL (Taylor’s Token).

Taylor is a public chain founded by a Cambridge alumnus that focuses on cross-chain functions. Taylor can connect to public chain protocols using all types of protocols, with no notary schemes, sidechains, or relays. Taylor Wallet is the first dApp that enables users to exchange and transfer cross-chain crypto assets in a truly decentralized way. Assets transferred to the Taylor chain can be swapped for assets from all types of public chains and placed in Taylor Swap liquidity pools. Taylor Swap liquidity providers are rewarded with transaction fees and TL from Taylor Mining. Taylor Wallet offers a more efficient way of using funds than other income farming tools.

TL is a native token issued by Taylor. The issuance of TL tokens is 16.85 million and is limited to this number. Taylor LPoS mining rewards are distributed to all individuals who contribute to the decentralized swap liquidity in the Taylor ecosystem. With this design, the Taylor ecosystem grows with its liquidity base. With Taylor’s technology, it will be the infrastructure of the future blockchain industry, and the value of TL will grow as the Taylor ecosystem grows.

In order to grow the Taylor DAO community so that Taylor can quickly apply the “connected chain, value exchange” practice, the Taylor team officially launched the IMO (Initial Miner Offering) for the community. Taylor IMO launches on December 24, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. (GMT + 0). Users just need to check the whitelist address and transfer 100 USDT to the IMO receiving addresses. Then they can claim 100 TL in the Taylor Wallet app.

Steps to participate in IMO:

  1. Check the whitelist address (TRX or ETH address only)
  2. Transfer 100 USDT to the IMO receiving address
  3. Download Taylor Wallet and Receive 100 TL

Taylor IMO provides 505,500 TL (3% of the total TL number) and will close when the limit is reached. Each address on the whitelist can only participate in one IMO subscription. Only the address on the whitelist can be used to transfer funds to the IMO receiving address. Third-party exchange addresses are invalid and cannot be used as whitelisted addresses for verification.

The future will be the age of the cross-chain. Participation in Taylor IMO can support Taylor’s cross-chain vision and help build the infrastructure of the future blockchain industry. Additionally, TL owners can expect their value to grow with the Taylor ecosystem.

Visit the Taylor website for more information

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