SHANGHAI, CHINA – The 25th World Congress of Dermatology (hereafter “WCD”), known as the “Dermatology Olympiad”, was held in Singapore from July 3rd to 8th. This conference marked the first time in WCD’s 130-year history that a category of beauty devices for home use was presented. As the first Chinese home-use beauty equipment brand to stand on the stage of the largest international academic dermatology event, FLOSSOM presented the world with the latest scientific research and medical research results in the field of precision skin care, representing a great step of the Chinese home- beauty equipment manufacturer. Use a beauty equipment brand from China in the world.

At WCD, FLOSSOM introduced the industry’s first intelligent AI precision beauty research system, which achieved innovation in five dimensions: precise positioning, precise measurement, precise control, precise efficacy and precise protection, and promoted global innovations in intelligent and precise skin care.

FLOSSOM’s chief scientist, Dr. Boyang Jiang explained that this system is based on face positioning technology, and continuously learns and trains AI algorithms to accurately determine the position of the beauty device, read the corresponding skin features, output appropriate energy parameters, and achieve a combination of positioning analysis and automatic adjustment in order to achieve true skin adaptation. “The true meaning of precise skin care requires a two-way interaction between individuals and products based on the characteristics of each individual. Therefore, FLOSSOM hopes to offer consumers a professional skincare experience similar to that of a “private doctor” through the use of AI technology.”

In the future, this system will be used in the SkinPilot, the first wearable smart skin care device, paired with products such as LED masks and beauty devices. FLOSSOM will also work with global skin experts to launch the “Thousand Hands Plan”, build a large skin database, provide more professional and appropriate instrument parameters and operation methods for users, and truly become a bridge between dermatologists and users.

In addition, Professor Chengfeng Zhang from Fudan University Affiliated Huashan Hospital first demonstrated to the internationally recognized skin academic community that 590±5nm yellow light can be used in family scenes for the first time through the new product FLOSSOM, which can reduce yellow light. Suppress black and fade red to achieve the whitening effect that will become FLOSSOM’s milestone for “co-creation of medical research”.

“Optoelectronic technology is a major breakthrough invention. Only by collaborating with companies and professional dermatologists to innovate and develop safe, effective, easy-to-use and economically practical home optoelectronic devices can beauty seekers benefit from good technology. This should be the direction of our future efforts,” Professor Zhang suggested to experts and scientists from the international dermatology community at WCD. FLOSSOM stated that the core technology of each product will benefit in the future from significant input from key physicians and experts in the relevant field.

FLOSSOM has built brand barriers through independent R&D, self-built factories and 5 large laboratories, and the establishment of expert committees. In the future, FLOSSOM will adhere to the joint creation of medical research and promote the integration of smart technology and home-use beauty appliances, so that “Chinese Smart Manufacturing” can demonstrate more outstanding quality and strength at the international level.

About the World Congress of Dermatology

Since 1889, the World Congress of Dermatology has been held every four years, bringing together renowned dermatology institutions, experts, scientists and well-known brand companies from around the world to jointly explore and promote the latest scientific research achievements and development directions in dermatology, dermatology and improve everyone’s skin health People.

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